Tuesday 9 August 2016

Re-Readathon 4 Events Schedule & Prize Info!

Re-Readathon 4 kicks off tomorrow and I am so excited! I know it's my own event, but I honestly think that it's one of my favourites. No pressure, just fun, chatting with new and familiar friends and spending lots of time with books we love, what could be better?!

I don't know if you saw that I've been tweeting a whole load of my favourite re-reads and books I can't wait to re-read on twitter and yesterday I published the list here along with recommendations other people have tweeted. I'm going to keep adding to the list and when the readathon ends everyone on it will be entered to win a book of their choice from Wordery, so tweet your favourite re-reads or the books you'd most like to re-read using #rereadathon or leave a comment here and I'll add them to the list!

As usual, the only obligation for this readathon is to spend some time during the 10 days of the event with a book you've already read, but as usual for those who want there are lots of other things you can join in with, so here's the schedule!

Firstly make sure you're signed up on the sign up post with the place you'll be updating during the readathon (blog, Youtube, twitter, IG etc) so I and others can follow you and say hi! Secondly please do go and say hi to each other!

    Re-Readathon Twitter Chat! 9pm GMT on Sunday 14th August

    We will be chatting using #rereadathon for an hour or so. We'll be chatting generally about what we're reading and getting to know each other but the theme will be 'inspired by' and we'll be talking about things inspired by your favourite re-read - movies, events, clothes, food, trips and more! Put it on your calendar and I'll see you there!

    Opening Survey

    I love this quick way of getting to know people a little, so have borrowed the idea from the 24 Hour Readathon (my second favourite reading event!). Link up your answers below if you're so inclined!
    1.  Who are you and where are you reading from?
    2. Do you re-read often? Is this your first re-readathon?
    3. Are you planning to read other things as well or re-read exclusively over the next 10 days?
    4. Recommend us one book, what would it be?
    5. What are you reading first?


    Post a picture of your TBR for the event and link it up below! If you're posting on social media make sure you use the hashtag (#rereadathon) and on Instagram please tag me (@armchairbythesea) otherwise I may not see it!


    One of the best things about readathons is the snacks! We want to see yours. Again use the hashtag and/or link up blog posts and vlogs below!

    Added to my TBR

    I don't know about you but there are lots of books that people have recommended which I've not even read once! Have you added any from the list to your TBR? Be sure to use the hashtag and give credit to the person who recommended!

    There will be no challenge this Re-Readathon. Honestly this is primarily because I've exhausted my ideas for now, but also because the less there is to do the more time there is for reading! At the end of the readathon I'll post a closing survey for people to fill in if they want. There will be a linky for this in my final post. 

    Please link up all your re-readathon related posts below and keep the recommendations coming! 


    As usual there will be prizes. As already mentioned, everyone whose name appears on the Re-Readathon Recommendations list will be entered to win a book of their choice from Wordery, who ship internationally!

    It's also the Bath Bookshop Crawl while the readathon is going on and I'm going to be picking up some miscellaneous bookish gifts while we're there. These could include bookish tote bags, bookmarks, stationery, badges etc. The winner of these will be randomly selected from the sign up linky so make sure you're signed up! It will be open to international participants as well. 

    If you feel inclined to host your own giveaway during the event please feel free and let me know so I can help promote it! 

    Sorry about the length of the post, I hope everything's clear to everyone! Basically, make sure you're signed updo some re-reading and use #rereadathon! 

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    1. I'm Karen from NYC. I don't reread a lot so this is a bit different but I have 3 books I've been planing to reread in my first re-readathon
      My first book is Truly Madly Guilty. It's not a re-read - my TBR is half re-read, half new books.
      If I could recommend one book to you, it would probably the book I wrote - it's a short story collection titled It's Complicated: Short Stories About Long Relationships.
      Otherwise, check out my blog or my YouTube channel for other recommendations. I just posted about that here: