• A Literary Odyssey - Ali has just returned to blogging after a year or more's break and I am so excited she's back! She blogs about books, her life, and teaching experience and I've read everything she posts since day one. 
  • Blonde Book Girl - Ellie is lovely and so is her blog. Generally full of book pictures, food pictures and pictures of cats as well as book chat. She's not posted much recently but I remain confident that she will be back! 
  • Booking in Heels - Hanna's blog is hilarious and she shares my reading taste to a scary degree. Her reviews are often full of rant, which I love because they're so impassioned. She runs a great readalong and organises a good book swap. 
  • Devouring Texts - Laura is equally hilarious although in a different way. Her blog is where I go for cake and feminist chat as well as discussions of Shakespeare, Stephen King and TV shows I've never watched. She follows up Shakespeare with Watchmen. You should all be over there, now.  
  • Entomology of a Bookworm - Kerry's blog is great, and I've loved it since I first started out. I pretty much always want to read everything she reviews. 
  • Estella's Revenge - I've loved Andi's blog since I first started blogging! Part reviews, part discussion, part fashion and her life it's always interesting!
  • Katie Who Can Read - Katie is a girl after my own heart. She likes Star Trek, Firefly and Dr Who so we were always going to be friends. Her reading taste is fairly similar to mine and I love her updates about her life. 
  • Lit Addicted Brit - Charlotte writes about books in a way that makes me go 'that's exactly what I thought but didn't word it half as well!'. I am jealous of her blog in all the best ways. 
  • Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity - I've seen other people talking about Trish's blog (and to her on twitter!) for ages but it was only fairly recently that we actually connected via twitter and instagram. I love her blog for its eclectic subjects - she posts about everything from books to food to motherhood to creativity and it's just completely my cup of tea. 
  • Orangette - Foodie goodness and amazing photography. If you haven't read Molly Wizenberg's two books, A Homemade Life and Delancey and you like recipe book memoirs, you probably should. 
  • Sophisticated Dorkiness - Kim reviews nonfiction and her blog is my first port of call whenever I'm feeling the need for some new recommendations. I also borrowed the format for my 'Currently..' posts from her and love her non-book related updates too!
  • Tiny Library - Sam was the first person not related to me to comment on my blog and was the first UK blogger I discovered. She's pretty much responsible for me knowing that there was a blogosphere and her blog is great - full of literary fiction and the Bailey's (Orange) Prize as well as her gorgeous baby son! 

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