Re-Readathon is an event dedicated to re-reading old favourites. I came up with the idea back in early 2015 as it can be hard to make time for re-reading. The event runs several times a year whenever the mood takes me and is usually a week - 10 days long. During that time you can exclusively re-read or just re-read alongside the other things you're reading - any re-reading counts! From 2017 onwards I now have two excellent co-hosts, Katie and Gee. Go say hi to them!

You can see details of past Re-Readathons below and check out what everyone read and see what it's all about.

The next event will run from February 5th - 12th and you can find the tweets, Instagrams etc with the hashtag, #rereadathon.

Re-Readathon 1 - May 2015
Re-Readathon 2 - Sept 2015
Re-Readathon 3 - March 2016
Re-Readathon 4 - August 2016
Re-Readathon 5 - February 2017

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