Friday 24 April 2020


Is anyone still out there? 

I've been off working on other projects for the past three years or so but they're all very specifically tailored towards certain things and for a while I've been thinking about this space and the possibility of picking up where I left off. 

This blog has a long history of me making grand declarations about my intentions and then completely failing to live up to or fulfil any of them, but given that we're currently in lockdown and life is pretty weird right now it seems as good a time as any to pick up again. I am making no plans about the regularity of posting, or even if I will post much after this, but I miss the old blogging community - I miss browsing through friends' blogs and commenting on each others posts and discovering all kinds of books I'd never have heard about otherwise. 

If you read this, please leave a comment, say hi and link to your latest blog post - I've got some catching up to do!