Monday 1 August 2016

#EliotAlong: The Penultimate Week!

We are so nearly at the end of this readalong! I actually can't believe it, and even more can't believe that I'm still really enjoying the book! This week we found out lots of things about lots of people and there were lots of arguments and intrigue. I loved it!

Rosamond made me super angry this week. I understand that she had different expectations of her marriage when she went into it but at the end of the day she's the one that went out of her way to get Lydgate to marry her and now she's acting like the spoiled, selfish little bitch that she is (I don't swear often on the blog but this feels necessary) and I'm finding it extremely annoying! She married him in a time when women were basically men's possessions and she's surprised that what happens to him also happens to her? and how does she think she's helping by constantly undermining him and undoing everything he's trying to do? For goodness sake woman, get a grip!

Mr Farebrother is continuing to be excellent, and I did particularly enjoy his little fit of almost being awful but then deciding against it and telling Fred all about it instead. I have hope for Fred and Mary, and I hope that the hope comes to fruition, although I am a little bit sad for Mr Farebrother that everyone can't just be happy!

Speaking of unhappy, Mr Bulstrode probably just accidentally on purpose killed a guy??! OK the guy was awful, but does that really par up with all his morals? How is he going to forgive himself for it? I find that whole storyline interesting, although I still somehow want a happy ending for Will and Dorothea but I feel like I'm unlikely to get it because Will has far too many principles and far too much pride. I can't really fault him for it though because it's one of the things that makes me like him. Hooray for Lydgate temporarily having his problems fixed!

How is everyone else finding it? Are you keeping up?

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  1. I was so mad at Rosamond, too. I could not believe her lack of support and comprehension of their financial situation. But then I started to forgive her. I don't think she grew up equipped to understand how serious this all was. She only knows how her status will be affected. And now that Lydgate got the loan, her chance to mature and grow up is thwarted.

    And Raffles! Yes, how odious a man, but....

  2. Thanks having a grand time, even zipped ahead and finished a week early. Love this way of reading a really large challenging book - in fact recommended to a friend's reading group who are doing the Hamilton biography.
    Amused by the cattle feeding emotional descriptions. I guess familiarity with cows was a given in the 1800's:
    'ruminant joy of tenderness'
    'cud of delight'
    'chewed a disagreeable cud'
    Will be re-reading Middlemarch in 2016/17!
    Lauren @ltulip