Sunday 6 March 2016

Weirdathon: Week One Update

There's been an entire week (almost) of the Weirdathon! I've been slightly distracted by reading I Call Myself a Feminist for the Feminist Orchestra book club, but I did manage to finish a collection of beautifully weird short stories, Diving Belles by Lucy Wood, which I loved. I also started The Vanishing Act by Mette Jakobsen, which is in reality less weird than it's first line ("It was snowing the morning I found the dead boy") lead me to believe, but still great! 

Once I finish The Vanishing Act I plan to start (finally!) The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, which I have had on my shelf for over five year and it's really time. That is unless I get distracted by my library hold, The Tiny Wife by Andrew Kaufman, once I pick that up on Monday!

I do also have A Gathering of Shadows by V.E Schwab in for me at the library so I maaaay not get much reading done this next week, we'll see! I'm also working more than I've worked since the boys were born, which is great but also means less reading time, and Rhys has some lovely holiday time so we're out doing lots of family outings and stuff. All this to say that I'm not sure what will happen this week, but I'm really enjoying the event so far and if you haven't joined in yet you should!


  1. Definitely gonna jot down Diving Belles - that seems like such a weird/interesting read. Thanks for the recommendations! I'm getting so many good ones from joining Weirdathon.

  2. The Tiny Wife sounds interesting. :)

    Happy Weirdathon!

  3. I've heard a lot of good things about Diving Belles - and I've had The Master and Margarita for ages too. Someone bought it me as part of the LibraryThing Secret Santa book swap years ago and I still haven't read it, despite hearing nothing but amazing things. *sighs* If I didn't already have a TBR AND your rereadathon to go at, I'd join you for a readalong of that one! :P