Thursday 24 March 2016

Re-Readathon: Thursday and Friday Challenges & Updates

How's everyone's re-readathon going? It's going extremely well so far for me, and I'm really enjoying checking out everyone's challenge entries. Don't forget, for the Nostalgia challenge, link up via the linky in the master post, and for the Instagram/Twitter challenge use #rereadathon and tag me (@NinjaBookSwap on twitter, @armchairbythesea on Instagram) for extra entries to the giveaways (for which you must be signed up and have filled in the form).

Thursday Challenges

#childhood reread
This can be a favourite reread you first read when you were a child, or one that is a kids book. Either is fine, multiples are also fine. Tag me via the instructions above!

Nostalgia Challenge
Ongoing. Check out the details and Ellie's lovely entry. 

Thursday Update

Pages read: 100ish
Books read from: American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Books Finished: The Secret Seven Collection by Enid Blyton
Snacks consumed: little easter eggs. 
Favourite rereading moment: There were several, but it's the end of Friday now and I don't remember!

Friday Challenges

Show/tell us how you're doing so far! I've finished The Secret Seven Collection, American Gods and just started True Notebooks: A Writer's Year at Juvenile Hall by Mark Salzman. Don't forget to use #rereadathon and tag me (@NinjaBookSwap - twitter, @armchairbythesea - Instagram) 

Nostalgia Challenge
See above. 

Friday Update

Pages Read: 136
Books Read From: American Gods by Neil Gaiman and True Notebooks by Mark Salzman
Books Finished: The Secret Seven Collection by Enid Blyton, American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Snacks Consumed: finished the chocolate fudge (sob), had a fry up for lunch (yum) and some of the boys pancakes with berries and yoghurt, also some chocolate fudge cake with ice cream and then we made hot cross buns and ate them warm with butter. Yum. 
Favourite Re-Reading Moment: Desperately trying to finish American Gods between taking turns playing board games with Benji. Extremely disjointed reading!

Today is Good Friday and it was sunny and Rhys didn't have to work til the evening, so I didn't get this done this morning for which I apologise! I'm going to put up the challenges for Saturday and Sunday tomorrow morning as well since Easter involves a big overnight church service and I'll be asleep most of Sunday! 

We spent most of today at the garden centre getting stuff for the garden, at soft play with the kids, or in the garden planting/putting our new planter together/painting misc other boxes/making the garden presentable, and so I didn't get any reading done until about 4pm. I have managed to finish American Gods though, which I'm extremely happy about. I started off remembering nothing but as I went through things started coming back to me. There were still things that I never remembered though, and that was kind of great because it was like I was rereading it and reading it for the first time, if that makes any sense? Suffice to say it's staying firmly on the keeper shelf! 

I'm following it up with a bit of nonfiction in the form of True Notebooks, which is about a guy who taught a creative writing class with high risk offenders at juvenile hall. This re-readathon is turning out to be the one in which I re-read stuff I read yeeeeears ago. My first read of True Notebooks was directly inspired by The Complete Polysyllabic Spree by Nick Hornby, my first reading of which inspired the creation of this blog, so I first read it five years ago or  so... 

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  1. Your snacks are making my mouth water, which is quite impressive given that I've only just finished breakfast! I finally finished a book this morning, and after dinner with my grandparents, sister and my dad for my Nanny's 80th birthday, hopefully I'll finally be able to relax and REALLY get stuck in, haha. Mum's back this afternoon so I can finally put the hoover away and stand down from trying to keep the house perfect for them. :)