Friday 18 March 2016

Re-Readathon Challenges!

The third Re-Readathon kicks off on Monday and I am so excited! In order for us all to have as much time to read as possible I thought I'd post the challenges ahead of time so you can prepare yourselves. 


There will be two major prizes. The first is a choice of either this beautiful edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, or this gorgeous edition of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, two of my favourite re-reads ever. This giveaway will be open internationally.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Little Women

The second prize is this pile of books. They are all pre-loved and books that I have read and enjoyed recently. Due to ridiculous postage costs, this giveaway is open to UK and EU only. 

If you want to be entered to win prizes you need to do two things. Firstly be signed up to the Re-Readathon here and secondly fill in this form so that I have all your preferences and contact details should you win. You'll see that you can enter to win the entire pile of books or just select the ones you're interested in or don't already own! After that you can post challenge entries in the linky on my master post, or follow the rules specified for the Instagram challenge. Each challenge you complete will gain you an extra entry into the giveaway/s of your choice!

If you feel generous and inclined to host your own giveaway during the event, please leave the link in the comments here so I can help spread the word, and/or use #rereadathon on twitter. 

Of course, the major focus of the event is the re-reading and I want to get the chance to come and visit you all and say hi and add stuff I haven't read to my TBR and squeal over stuff we both love together. The challenges aren't designed to detract from that but just as something extra to do if you want to. I'll also be updating my master post daily (hopefully) so make sure you check it out and use #rereadathon on twitter and Instagram to chat to each other if you want to!


So, challenges!

The first thing that you can do is to link up your TBR for the event. This is also included in the Instagram challenge, but if you've already done it or want to do it through your blog or twitter then please add the link for your blog or tweet to the sign up link if you haven't already done so! If you tweet or Instagram it, please use #rereadathonTBR 

Nostalgia Challenge

This is my favourite challenge of the event I think, and I may have got a little carried away with examples, but the idea is simple. Pair up either your current or your favourite re-read with something it reminds you of. This can be a memory, a person, smell, food, place, song, another book, whatever. You can write a blog post about it, create a playlist, take a picture of yourself in an outfit you associate with the book (it's totally OK to dress up as one of the characters if you are so inclined), make a 3 course meal based on the book (OK, probably a little extreme but the option's there if you want it!), or whatever you like! The idea is to get to know a little more about why you love this book! 

For example, if I were reading The Night Circus I might make peanut butter fudge and salted caramel brownies and share the recipes here. If it were Little Women I might blog about how it's responsible for getting me into knitting and gardening. And now I have to go think up something else as my actual entry.... 

There may be an extra prize awarded for this challenge, depending how excited I am by the entries! Link up yours once you've done it in the comments of the master post! Be as creative (or not) as you like!

Instagram Challenge

In these photo obsessed days how could I not have a daily Instagram challenge running throughout the 10 days? Because I'm still technologically challenged I haven't made an image for it, but for your photos to get you extra entries to the giveaways you need to use #rereadathon plus the hashtag for that day and please tag me (@armchairbythesea) in the comments so I can find you as my phone doesn't always show me everything on hashtags!

Mon 21st #rereadathonTBR - as noted above, show us your TBR!
Tue 22nd #favouritereread - as it says on the tin, a pic of your favourite reread/s. You can tell us why you love them, or not.
Weds 23rd #snacks - Show us your re-readathon snacks! 
Thurs 24th #childhoodreread - What's your favourite reread that you first read when you were a child or which is a kids book?
Fri 25th #progressreport - What have you read (or failed to read) so far?
Sat 26th #weekendreread - a snapshot of your rereading this weekend. 
Sun 27th #bookpusher - Which book have you made the most people read?
Mon 28th #currentreread- Another update on what you're currently re-reading. 
Tue 29th #wanttoreread - Stuff you've read recently (or not) and not got round to rereading yet but want to. 
Weds 30th #reread - as in 'I've read that'. As in, the end. Show us what you've read during the event!

If you don't have Instagram you can do the challenges on Twitter but please make sure you use #rereadathon as well as the daily hashtag or it won't be entered into the giveaway!

Ok so that's it for the challenges. As mentioned above, if you want to host your own giveaway for something bookish or re-reading related then I strongly encourage that. Those who follow me on twitter will know about my love of giving people stuff! I'd also encourage everyone to check out the other participants on the sign up linky and give them a follow if you want to. 

Recap: fill in the form to be entered into the giveaways, use #rereadathon for anything you do on social media, and if you want to follow me there I'm @NinjaBookSwap on twitter or @armchairbythesea on Instagram. 

Bring on Monday!


  1. Oooh, so many lovely challenge ideas to think about! Nicely played, Bex, nicely played... Might have to take my snack picture earlier in the week before I eat everything, haha. :)

    1. Yeeeah I probably should have made snacks the first day... They're more important than the TBR right??

  2. This is so exciting! Gotta start thinking about these...