Tuesday 22 March 2016

Re-Readathon: Tuesday & Wednesday Challenges & Update

I've already decided that doing this in one big post is going to be silly, so here we are with Tuesday's challenges!

Firstly check out the challenge entries from yesterday: Jane's, Ellie's, Gemma's, Sharon's and Jade's.

If you haven't entered your #rereadathonTBR yet, you can still do that just don't forget to tag me!

Tuesday's Challenges


Today on Instagram or twitter show us your favourite reread/s of all time! Don't forget to use #rereadathon #favouritereread and tag me (@armchairbythesea on Instagram, @NinjaBookSwap on twitter, just to be confusing!) 

Nostalgia Challenge

This is ongoing throughout the readathon so please feel free to check out the details and leave your link in the link up on the master post. (I have changed this as it seemed silly everyone leaving comments when there was a linky right there)

Please also remember that for your entries to count as extra towards prizes you need to be signed up and have filled in the form with your preferences. 

Also please feel free to link up your update posts/tweets/Instagrams from Monday in the linky on the master post. 

Tuesday Update 

Pages read: 80 
Books read from: American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Books Finished: The Secret Seven Collection by Enid Blyton
Snacks Consumed: homemade cheese straws, homemade chocolate fudge. 
Favourite rereading moment: remembering how graphic American Gods can be. It's been years...

Today was the first day in three weeks that I've had the boys on my own. It was sunny and I got carried away with activities. We spring cleaned the shed, sorted stuff in the garden, took a three mile nature walk, made Easter cards, baked cheese straws... and they'd been up since 5.30! I meant to do some more reading once they were in bed but (oh the glamorous life I lead) fell asleep around 7.30 and didn't get up til 6am.

Wednesday Challenges

Show us your Re-Readathon snacks! Don't forget to use #rereadathon and tag me (@armchairbythesea) for it to count as an extra entry for prizes. You also need to be signed up and have filled in the form

Nostalgia Challenge
Pair up your favourite or current re-read with something it reminds you of! Full details here, please link up your entries through the linky in the master post with (Nostalgia Challenge) as well as your name. 

You can add your daily updates to the linky on the master post, and please don't forget to use #rereadathon on twitter when tweeting them or anything about the Re-Readathon. 

Wednesday Update

Pages read: 182
Books Read from: American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Books Finished: The Secret Seven Collection by Enid Blyton
Snacks Consumed: Kitkat chunky, sultanas, fudge, creme egg, baked potatoes and bolognese.
Favourite rereading moment: "a town isn't a town without a bookstore. It may call itself a town , but unless it's got a bookstore, it knows it's not foolin' a soul". Wise words, Hinzelmann.

I managed not to fall asleep at 7.30pm so I actually got some reading done, hurrah! The day was pretty full of playing in the garden, because it wasn't raining or freezing for the second day running and we're attempting to grow lots of stuff from seed this year, which entails a lot of compost watching and going 'why isn't is coming up yet??'. I tried to convince Ben to play skittles by himself so I could sit outside and read, but it didn't really work because I ended up being on 'stand the skittles back up again' duty. Never mind, we had fun!

I'm really enjoying American Gods so far. I first (and last) read it when I was about 17 and I actually remembered almost nothing about it besides that it was weird and there's a guy named Shadow who's been in prison in it, and that it was about Gods. It's so great, but even weirder and more graphic than I'd remembered.

I have  a new system with my 'keeper shelf' so that all the books I've reread more than once are on the top shelves and then all the other books I've put there because they're great but haven't yet reread go after that, and as I reread them I decide if they still get to stay and move them up if they do or pass them on if not. Once I finish American Gods it will join Neverwhere as the only Gaiman books that I've actually reread recently! Shocking, I know. 


  1. I had SUCH a poor day yesterday - but on the other hand, I finished my amazing current read instead, in order to fully participate in the rereading goodness from here on out... I just wish I hadn't volunteered to completely spring clean the house while my parents were away, I do this every time they go on holiday and it takes HOURS, even doing just one or two rooms a day! All the moving knicknacks and shifting finicky bits of furniture and swapping out filthy dusters and destroying my dicky hip getting down to sweep the floor, ugh. Still, it makes Mum happy, so it'll be worth it on Saturday. :)

    ANYWAY, BACK TO MY BOOK. I've gone for a completely different one to what I thought I'd pick next, but whaaaatever.

    1. Your Wednesday snack list is delicious. Just sayin'.

  2. a teensy confused on tagging you, Bex. Here it says to use @anarmchairbythesea the earlier post said to use @NinjaBookSwap [ this is for tweeting my challenges for entries ]
    Thx for clarifying ;)

    1. Nope,its ninjabookswap on twitter,armchairbythesea on instagram!