Thursday 15 October 2015

Nonfiction Book Swap Round 2!

If you were around these parts this time last year you may remember that I went a little nonfiction crazy during November, and this year will be no different! Nonfiction November is back again, hosted by Kim, Leslie, Rebecca and Katie and for the second year I am organising a nonfiction book swap while it's going on!

Again, a disclaimer. I know that I'm Mrs Ninja Swap but this is not a ninja swap. It's just organised by me (rather than the swap team) and it's much much simpler than the Ninja swap. The concept is thus:

  • make a wishlist that's nonfiction only. A minimum of 8-10 titles, no upper limit!
  • Sign up via this form
  • After sign up closes I will email you with the email address of your partner. You will then need to contact them to exchange address details. Unlike a Ninja Swap you will buy for the person who's buying for you! If you would like to send to two different people please sign up twice. 
  • Buy a book (or more if you're feeling rich/generous!) and either send it straight to them (if you're shopping in a bricks and mortar shop) or have it sent straight to them (if you're shopping online). If possible it's nice to include a note so that they know the book is from you!
  • Email me with proof of postage/tracking number/screenshot of your online confirmation 
This swap is open internationally and although it's being organised because of Nonfiction November you don't have to be participating to take part!

Because I'm super excited I'm leaving sign up open until Sunday 8th November so nobody misses out! Then you'll have 10 days/2 weeks to shop and send. If you want to tweet or instagram what you receive you can use the Nonfiction November hashtag (#NonFicNov) but also #nonficswap if you want.

So that's it. Pretty simple, right? Go sign up and let's get swapping! 


  1. Sounds like fun, but I know I wouldn't follow through! I'll leave this for others!