Wednesday 6 May 2015

Re-Readathon Challenge!

We're almost half way through the re-readathon and I'm having the best time with it! I've loved chatting to people about it and discovering new to me bloggers and I decided it was time to announce a mini challenge, participation in which will get you another entry into the giveaway I'm running this week. The challenge is thus:

As some of you may know, I reread Little Women generally at least once a year. I've done this since I was approximately eight years old. It was the first book I ever read in one sitting and I remember sitting on our back step in the sun and when I got up I couldn't feel my legs. Somehow it always makes me feel better about the world and calms me down - I call it my comfort reading. The thing I want to know is, do you have a book that you read over and over (or one that you collect multiple copies of)? Why do you read it so much? What is it that keeps you coming back to it? Basically I want to know whatever you want to tell me about this particular rereading experience! 

You can blog about it or just tweet - be as lengthy or brief as you like! Once you're  done enter your link (as 'Your Name - Challenge entry) into the linky for an extra entry to the giveaway! 

1 comment:

  1. Luving my re-reading, just wishing for an easier week that would have allowed for more of it !