Saturday 9 May 2015

Five Things That Have Made Me Happier

This post is inspired by Ellie from Lit Nerd and her 'Things That Made Me Happy This Week' posts. I hope she doesn't mind me borrowing her idea!

Back in January I posted about my One Little Word project for the year. I planned to write monthly updates about how it was going with my word (gratitude) but, as with many things it hasn't quite panned out that way. However I just finished reading The Happiness Project and I've been listening to Gretchen Rubin's podcast and both of these have inspired me to keep my word in mind at all times and give me ideas for new ways to incorporate it into my life!

One of the major ways I'm feeling myself being more grateful and thus happier is by thinking a lot more about the things that make me happy rather than focusing on those that don't. It may sound like such a simple thing but it's so easy to get bogged down in little things that piss me off and easy to forget to think about the positives and I think it's time to change that, so here are five things that have made me happier!

1. One Little Word - When I first heard about this at the end of 2014 I hesitated to actually join the class. I thought I could just kind of pick a word and take part unofficially, but I'm so glad I paid the £20 whatever it was because this community and the prompts and the experience have just been fantastic so far! As a lot of the people who take part are scrapbookers it's very that way oriented and I started off the year convinced that I wasn't going to have a scrapbook but by the time we got to March I'd totally caved and I now have a scrapbook of sorts. It's full of washi tape and scribbling and collage so it's waaaaay less organised and pristine than some of the others I've seen but I love it. I feel like it's very reflective of me, and I absolutely love having a more visual creative outlet again, it's been years!

The community surrounding it is amazing as well. There's a facebook group that I'm part of and on it people share their work on each months' prompts, their journey with their word and just things that happen or that they're struggling with or happy about on a daily basis. I have yet to see a single person respond negatively to anything anybody says no matter how trivial it may be. Everybody is really supportive and friendly and so willing to share their experience and try to help, it's an amazingly uplifting place to be.

The title page from my One Little Word scrapbook
2. The Happiness Project & Happier Podcast - It's all about the women this year. Along with Ali Edwards (founder of One Little Word), Gretchen Rubin is the other woman rocking my world at the moment. I finished The Happiness Project and picked up Happier at Home just before the rereadathon and I'm dying to get back to it on Monday! I'm thinking of officially starting my own happiness project, but in the meantime I've been trying to implement little things from the book and podcast such as the one minute rule - anything that can be done in one minute or less doesn't get left. Just do it! Little things, it transpires, can have a big effect on my levels of stress!

3. Our Garden - On the back of The Simple Things magazine last month there was a quote something along the lines of 'all you need to be happy is a garden and a library' and I so so agree. Our garden is full of things we've planted that are just starting to come out or which are now big enough to be planted outside and I love it. Just walking around it makes me feel productive and hopeful, and as well as the stuff growing there I love that the boys love it and run/crawl around like crazies and can ride their bikes and play hopscotch and stuff, and that it gives me and Rhys something outdoorsy to do together on our days off when we're not actually feeling that energetic. Gardens are literally the best.

I feel I should add that this was our strawberry basket like, months ago. It's now overflowing with strawberries!

4. M&S Dine in for 2 for £10/£20 - This is going to sound stupid but we did this for our second wedding anniversary because we couldn't get a babysitter and then Rhys surprised me the other day with some yummy food and drink he got on this offer and we've decided to do it from time to time as we attempt to reinstate some semblance of date night. It's just a really nice way to have a bit of a special meal without anybody having to make too much effort and a special meal makes the whole evening feel much more relaxed. Plus it's nicer than takeaway, and cheaper.

5. Podcasts in general - I've been listening to podcasts on my bus commute to work a couple of times a week and I love it! I'm so relaxed by the time I get to work, plus I've got food for thought for the upcoming day, amazing. Some favourites: The Art of Simple Podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, The Bookrageous Podcast, Book Riot


And actually, writing that post! What makes you happy? Got any recommendations for great podcasts or favourite happiness related reading?  


  1. Love this post! We've started a little garden this year and while we haven't gotten any veggies yet, it's been fun watching the plants grow and making sure to water them. And I love that you've made a scrapbook that works for you! Happiness really is in the little things!

    1. Love the garden :-) and you're so right, I'm trying to focus on the little things rather than stressing about the big ones!

  2. I love posts that focus on happy. I've never listened to a podcast (gasp!) but someday I'm sure I'll join the fandom. I've had The Happiness Project on my wishlist for awhile.

    1. Oh you should read it, it's so good! It was on my wishlist for ages as well and I'm so glad I got round to it!