Saturday 9 April 2011

Affinity Readalong Post 2

So, I'm late for the last post of the readalong, but I have an excuse! I had the most disgusting virus alllllll last week, and just felt like I didn't even want to move, let alone read. Also, I went home to my mums over the past weekend for bridal shopping, plus my sisters were in a show, plus I invited my future in-laws and my fiance's neice to stay at mums for the weekend = totally mental! Aaaanyway!

I finally finished Affinity last night, and the opinion voiced in my parts 1&2 post was completely upheld. I loved this book! It was gripping, passionate, dark, intense...all the things it set itself up to be. I really enjoyed the character development in parts 3&4, and for me, the twist in the development of Margaret Prior's character especially, really made the whole thing believable. Although I didn't feel that everything was completely tied up and fully explained by the end of the novel, I did think the way that Waters tied the strands of the story together was very clever and seamless. The whole way through, she kept me guessing at what was real and what was illusion, and I loved that! I've already got several of my friends, who I think will love the book, lined up to pass it along to!

Sorry about the shortness of this post, and the totally sporadic and basically rubbish amount of posting I've been doing recently. What can I say? Life keeps taking over! And I'm still in my whole only being able to access the net at the library thing, which just makes it that much more difficult. I planned to post loads last weekend at mums, but every time I sat down, someone would ask my opinion on something, and then by the evening, when I was looking forward to being alone with an actual computer for a few hours, I was so exhausted I was just falling into bed... I'm planning that this week will be better, starting off with the Autism Awareness Giveaway Hop on Monday. Check it out for a chance for a FREE BOOK! I'm excited!

Oh, and speaking of free books, I have to say thanks to Rebecca at The Book Ladys Blog, for the copy of The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors, by Michelle Young-Stone. I got a lovely little note from the author with it, and can't wait to start reading, as it looks amazing!


  1. hey new GFC follower from the autism awareness hop!! love your blog, and i'll stop again by once the contest is up! LOVE your blog name! so cute!

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  2. Great Giveaway! I'm curious about the story of the book since I haven't read it yet.

    New Follower here. :)

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  3. I'm glad you loved it!!! Now I just need to FINISH IT. I'm a horrible leader. lol