Friday 29 November 2013

End of the Year Readathon

So with this what I've basically done is cave in to peer pressure. Ellie, Hanna, and Katie are all doing it and every time I've seen a post go up I've thought 'oooh that sounds like a good plan' and gone back to whatever I was previously doing. Not this time, however! This is me, publicly declaring my intention to actually read some books and what's more to also write about them! The End of the Year Read-a-thon is hosted by Jenny and Dana and it runs from December 9th - 22nd. The aim is pretty much to read some of the things we meant to read this year and haven't yet. Sounds like a good goal to me! 

Much of my reading will probably be centred around A Tale of Two Cities, because my readalong of it runs December 1st - 22nd and it's Dickens so aside from that I don't want to be too ambitious, but here are a few things it would be nice to get to: 

Kissing the Witch by Emma Donoghue was given to me as an RAK at least a year ago if not more and it's kind of a travesty that I haven't read it yet. The Virgin Suicides I really liked the film of years ago so I'm interested to see what the book's like. The Newlyweds Laura sent to me when she moved so it doesn't really count as one that's been waiting for me to read it for ages, but still it looks interesting. Till We Have Faces by C.S Lewis has legitimately been sitting on my shelves for at least two years and has been on all my TBR challenge piles and I've never got to it. LIke Kissing the Witch it's mythology based so it's kind of bad that I've still not read it. Might have to make it the first thing I read... and finally Will Grayson, Will Grayson was a Leeds purchase, so again pretty recent but I really like John Green (sorry people who hate TFioS) and I know it will be a quick read so it looks likely that I'll pick it up at some point before the end of the year!

Have you read any of my books? Any that I should definitely read, what should I avoid? 


  1. Till We Have Faces could have been the name of our Leeds trip, really, couldn't it? BECAUSE NOW WE ALL HAVE THEM. :)

    I'm well chuffed we've managed to pressure *cough* sorry, 'encourage' you into taking part as well, yaaaay! I'm quite looking forward to some of the prompts and stuff, though I probably won't do the 'end of year' type ones because IT'S NOT THE END OF THE YEAR YET. Can't wait to see what you think of The Virgin Suicides - I must have had the book for ten years now (because I liked the movie) but I still haven't read it... STORY OF MY LIFE. Read on! :D

  2. The Virgin Suicides is even better than the film, it's one I'm looking forward to rereading one day. And Newlyweds is awesome :)
    This readathon is such a good idea, but all I am reading is Les Mis, so my posts wouldn't exactly be thrilling!

  3. Oh, I want to read The Virgin Suicides too. One of his other books is the next in line to be reviewed, and I really liked it, so I should get to it soon.

    I'm looking forward to The Newlyweds though!

  4. Thanks so much for signing up!! Hope you get a lot read!

  5. Hurrah! Glad you decided to join us. I've no idea what I'm going to be reading over the two weeks. I'm doing a readalong of China Mieville's Perdido Street Station with a friend, but other than that, I'm just aiming to get my to-read pile down. Also a couple of Christmassy favourites. I've never seen or read "The Virgin Suicides" but it's one of those books that keeps calling out to me whenever I see it. One of these days.

  6. Will Grayson, Will Grayson was a pretty good read! Good luck and have fun!