Tuesday 19 November 2013

A Tale of Two Cities Schedule

A little while ago I announced that I would be hosting a readalong of A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens during December, in an attempt to actually read another book from my Classics Club list. Quite a few people have signed up to read it with me and if you want to join us you can still declare your intentions on this post! So here's the schedule as far as I can work it out. My book is in three sections, I assume other editions are as well but just in case they're not I will give chapter numbers as well!

December 1st - 8th: Beginning of Book 1 - end of Book 2 Chapter 9 (first 15 chapters of the book)

December 8th -  15th: Book 2 Chapter 10 - end of Book 2 (chapters 16- 30)

December 15th - 22nd: Book 3 - end (chapters 31 -45)

Please let me know if this doesn't make sense to you! And I know 15 chapters a week is quite a lot if you're reading other stuff at the same time, but it's really not a long book and the chapters are quite short generally so it should be fine!

My general thought was that I will post about that weeks' chapters on the Sunday with a linky so you can link up your posts if you want to write one, or we can have a discussion about it in the comments of my post. Either way is fine and it's really up to you how much you want to commit to it :-) 

So yay, and once again if you want to sign up to readalong with us you can do so here, the more the merrier! See you on December 1st!

*Edit* If you want to tweet about the readalong, the hashtag I have at the moment is #dickensindecember but as it's quite long, if anyone can think of a better one, please let me know!


  1. Perfect! I love how you scheduled it to finish right before Christmas - like, once you've finished A Tale of Two Cities, POW it's time for Santa! :D

    I have actually got around to signing up for this now by the way...

    1. Yay! And that was the idea :-D Also it gives just enough time to re-read A Christmas Carol by Christmas just in case I don't have massive DIckens fatigue by then!

  2. Brilliant, I'm looking forward to some pre-Christmas Dickens cheer :)