Monday 19 November 2012

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like....

Halloween is over. Bonfire Night is over. By my own personal criteria it's time to talk about Christmas! I seriously love and adore Christmas, it's been my favourite time of year since I was a kid, and I'm one of those people who truly thinks homemade gifts are the coolest thing EVER. I also really love Christmas shopping and all the quirky awesomeness to be discovered in charity shops, craft markets and school fairs. Do I sound crazy yet? Seriously though, I love crafting and thrift and giving gifts - Christmas is my time!!

This year will be Benji's first Christmas and I'm so excited. Obviously this year he'll be too young for making cards and crackers, days and days of baking, decorating the tree, the super lame concert my mum makes us all do after dinner on Christmas Eve, and even to really appreciate his presents (which is a shame as my sister is making him MINI HARRY POTTER ROBES. This may be the coolest thing ever), but he will love all the colours and the noises. He adores music so I'm hoping he'll be into all the carols and he'll be passed around so many relatives and have so many cuddles he won't know what to do.

I think I'm getting over excited now, so I'll stop talking about all the awesome things which will happen, and move onto a blog related awesome thing. Last year I participated in the Persephone Secret Santa, which was brilliant. This year I decided I wanted to do something a little different, so I signed up for The Broke and the Bookish Secret Santa. I just got my person today and I am really excited to start shopping for them. All kinds of gifts are brilliant, but secret ones are even better, and ones from people who appreciate how much you adore books are the best of all. My family are pretty great in that respect too, so I'm anticipating lots of Waterstone's gift cards :-D

Also, for participants of The Telling Tales Challenge, I will be entering everybody who has a review linked up on the master list into a giveaway in December, so if you haven't yet sent me your review links, you can do so here!


  1. Oooh, you've ALMOST got me excited here! (But not quite... give it a week or two.) Mini Harry Potter robes may be the coolest thing I've ever heard! My sis and me are doing scrapbooks for my parents this year - one for Mum, one for Dad - with loads of old photos, pictures of us through the years, photos from family holidays and trips, and funny bits and pieces that we know will make them smile. It's taking forever to get organised, but hopefully they'll love them and be able to carry them on over the next few years with the space left at the end!

    Okay, so maybe I'm a tiny bit excited! :D

    1. Scrapbooks are so awesome, I was thinking of doing something similar for my best friend this year. If I get the time, that is!! I used to hold off the excitement until December, but if I don't get excited about it now I probably won't get time to be excited before it happens!

      I will make sure to put pictures of the Harry Potter robes up when they are in use :-p

  2. Oh I signed up for this too! I actually 'know' the person I was assigned to too, which I didn't last year. I can't decide if that's less fun or more!

    The 'extra goodie' part excites me the most! Although not as much as baby Harry Potter robes, it has to be said.