Wednesday 14 November 2012

I'm Still Alive!! (and I've been reading..)

I'm stealing a moment while the baby's asleep (briefly) to post here. I miss blogging SO MUCH, but there just isn't the time at the moment. Benji's been having an awkward few days -he has a bit of a cold/virus type thing so he's been ridiculously clingy and eating like all the time. I literally have barely been able to put him down the past few days! I'm still reading people's posts and trying to comment as much as usual but often I'm distracted half way through writing a comment by crying/the need to eat/nap/put stuff in the steriliser/washing machine/tumble dryer/clean the house before the baby wakes up!

Anyway, quick update on what I've read since he arrived, as I've been able to do more reading than I thought I would due to the incessant feeding thing! I'll also probably never get around to writing proper reviews, so here's a quick summary!

Tolstoy and the Purple Chair: My Year of Magical Reading by Nina Sankovitch
I think I've mentioned this already. I ordered it from the library and it arrived about two days before Benji did. I really enjoyed it, although it wasn't what I was expecting in terms of bookishness. It was beautifully written though and had some lovely thoughts on literature and life. Gone on my favourites list. 

Last Christmas by Julia Williams 
Picked this up from the library because it looked like a fun, quick read. It was, and it was 'heartwarming' and made me feel happy, despite my hatred of the word heartwarming....

The Pi**ed Off Parents Club by Mink Elliot
Again grabbed this from the library because it was on the stand just inside the door and I think I've mentioned my obsession with books with the word 'club' in the title. So much of an obsession that I actually made a list on Goodreads of these books... Anyway, it was again an easy ready, and pretty enjoyable. 

The Politically Incorrect Parenting Book by Nigel Latta
I haven't quite finished this yet, but I WILL be writing a proper review of it at some point (who knows when though), as it is brilliant. I don't like parenting books in general because I think they're ridiculously prescriptive, and honestly, why do parenting 'experts' not realise that all babies are not the same??! But this guy does. He really really does, and he makes you feel like you're not a total moron for not knowing anything. Brilliant.

Some other things I'm in the middle of/waiting for at the moment:

Commencement by J. Courteney Sullivan - after loving and adoring Maine a few months ago, I finally got hold of Sullivan's first novel and am halfway through at the moment. Loving it so far. 

A Life's Work by Rachel Cusk - arrived today from swap and I've read the introduction so far. The book is apparently 'controversial', and Cusk was accussed by some of not loving her children enough and being an unfit mother after writing this memoir of her experience of motherhood, so I'm intrigued to read it... 

Peaches for Monsieur le Cure by Joanne Harris - I'm waiting for this from the library and I'm really excited about it. I love Harris, and Chocolat and The Lollipop Shoes are some of my favourite books. Also my mum read it and says it absolutely brilliant, so there's that. 

Moranthology by Caitlin Moran - also waiting for this from the library. Despite some differing opinions on this, I'm still really adoring Caitlin Moran in a serious hero worship kind of way, and I'm really looking forward to reading it. 

So that's that. And here's a picture of Mr. Cuteness himself so you'll all go 'awwww' and forgive my absence...


  1. AWWW indeed! Love this update -- sorry to hear the little one hasn't been feeling well -- I hope life settles down soon. Glad you've gotten some reading in -- I hope you get more!

  2. Awww. I forgive your absence.

    Oh Bex, he's so lovely. Look at his little fingers! *melts*

    1. I know I'm biased, but isn't he?:-) we think he's gonna be either a pianist or a harpist, mostly cos I want an excuse to buy a mini harp! (we're a musical family!) how are yoooooou?!

  3. LOOKIT THE SLEEPING BABY! *Squeals a bit, has a massive grin on face*

    I'm WELL impressed at all your reading, I probably haven't done that much since your baby was born (ha!) and I only got a part time job! So yeah, big ole clap for you *claps*. ALSO I really want to read Tolstoy and the Purple Chair so I'm glad that it's worth the time I've already spent thinking about it- I've been looking for a cheap used copy to NO AVAIL, so obviously everyone loves it/no one has read it...

    Anyway... LOVE YOU! *hugs you and Benjamin*

  4. He's adorable! And I think most baby's are just wrinkly until they're much older. (Plus the books sound like great parental reads :-D)

  5. Awwwww! Such a sweet photo - and I LOVE that you're calling him Benji. My favourite character in my favourite Enid Blyton series as a child was a kind, nature-loving, bookish little boy called Benji, and I've loved it ever since! Also, he had a pet red squirrel, which made me very jealous. :)

    I'm so happy that you've still been having chance to enjoy your reading as well, I've heard a few new mums say how refreshing it was to find that they had time to read or catch up on DVD box sets after all! Sending you and Benji a big squishy cuddle, xx