Tuesday 18 October 2011

Top Ten Books Whose Titles or Covers Made Me Buy Them

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday there's a different topic to make a top ten list about! 
This week, the topic is:

Books Whose Titles or Covers Made Me Buy Them!

I will admit to having a weakness for pretty covers and awesome titles, so this list is a good one for me :-) 

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi - This one was for the title. I didn't (and still don't, actually) have any idea what Persepolis meant, but it's a totally cool word and an absolutely amazing book!

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll with Illustrations by Camille Rose Garcia - We didn't actually own a copy of this, as the one I read as a child belongs to my mother, so we had to get it! It's just so beautiful and quirky and I love it :-) 

The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett - I know some people object to these covers, which is why the lame and boring (in my opinion) black ones have been issued, and yes, I know that some of the women are very scantily clad, but I think that Josh Kirby's covers go brilliantly with the tone of the Discworld series, and it was what first impelled me to buy The Colour of Magic, so thank you very much, Mr. Kirby!

Howard's End is On the Landing by Susan Hill - it was a little bit of both with this one. I love E.M Forster, and particularly Howard's End, and referencing a book I love in your title is pretty much a sure-fire way to get me to read said book. Also, the cover of the hardback edition that caught my eye in a charity shop is just gorgeous, and covered in books. It had the added bonus of being a brilliant read! 
The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas - I got sucked into the whole mental marketing craze that surrounded The End of Mr Y when it first came out. 'Oh look, it's the book with the orange cover and the black pages! I must have it!'. Can I just say, although I deplore marketing strategies in general and really despise the opacity of many bookshops' crusade to get me to read what they want to sell, in this case I am so glad I got sucked in, for without Ms Thomas's books, my life would be a very different place...

Gem Squash Tokoloshe by Rachel Zadok - this was a title thing. I liked the way the words sounded. I've still not read it, despite it being on my shelf (and my 'For Challenges - must be read this year!' list) all year, but now I look at it, it also has a very pretty cover. Maybe I'll get to it before December...

The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters by G.W Dahlquist - Another one I've not read, but it again caught my eye in the Oxfam bookshop and I was intruiged by the title. When I picked it up, I was even more intrigued by the cover... Since buying it I've heard a lot of interesting things about it, so I do hope to get to it at some point soon!

Only seven on my list this week I'm afraid. I'm sure there are more, but currently I am unable to remember what they may be!

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