Saturday 8 August 2015

Make Mine an Indie: Atlantic Books

Welcome back to my series on independent publishers and bookshops in anticipation of 2016 being the year of making mine an indie! Last week I focused on And Other Stories. This week it's the turn of Atlantic Books


Atlantic was founded in 2000 and has won both the 'Imprint of the Year' and 'Independent Publisher of the Year' at the British Book Awards since then. They represent Australian publisher Allen & Unwin in the UK and have an imprint, Corvus, focusing primarily on crime, fantasy, historical and women's fiction. 

Their catalogue is pretty vast and features a wide range of both fiction and non and I haven't even started browsing the Corvus catalogue yet! 
Some titles I'm excited to read: 

The Unravelling by Emma Sky
From the Atlantic Books website:

In 2003, shortly after the invasion of Iraq, Emma Sky made her way alone to Baghdad to assist the Coalition Provisional Authority and within weeks found herself in the role of Civilian Governor of Kirkuk – the most dangerous place on Earth. After her residence came under mortar fire, Sky realized that she must integrate herself within the US Army in order to survive. She moved into the army compound and won the confidence of General Odierno, who became a friend, confidant and mentor. Throughout her three tours of Iraq, Sky worked alongside Odierno, becoming his key political advisor until US combat operations ended in 2010. The Unravelling is a vivid first-hand account of the occupation, from its very beginnings to the rise of Islamic State, and a deeply personal exploration of what it is like to be a woman working with a foreign power in a very foreign land.

Brother's Keeper by C.E Smith
From the Atlantic Books website:

Struck off and hooked on prescription pills, disgraced American doctor Ryan Burkett flies to a war-torn country in the Middle East to identify his murdered twin’s body. Staring down at the lifeless form in the mortuary, it is as though Burkett is gazing at his own failings. His brother was first and best – the better athlete, better doctor, better son. With little reason to go home, Burkett agrees to take over his brother’s charitable surgical clinic. Within weeks, however, he is taken hostage by Islamic fundamentalists. Forced into withdrawal – from both drugs and his own self-loathing – Burkett becomes convinced that his captors are his brother’s murderers, and that revenge may be the only path to redemption.

Rembrandt's Mirror by Kim Devereaux
From the Atlantic Books website:

Forced to find work as a maid, Hendrickje enters Rembrandt’s flourishing and busy household after the death of the great artist’s wife, and finds a world filled with secrets and desire. She is shocked to the core when she becomes aware of the intense relationship between Rembrandt and Geertje, his housekeeper, and yet she is soon drawn to Rembrandt by his freshness and freedom. Rembrandt’s Mirror explores the three women of Rembrandt’s life, and the towering passions of the artist, seen through the eyes of his last, great love, Hendrickje.

The Making of Home by Judith Flanders
From the Atlantic Books website:

Judith Flanders traces the evolution of the house and paints a striking picture of how the homes we know today differ from homes through history. As full of fascinating detail as her previous bestsellers, this is also a book teeming with original and provocative ideas.

There are so many more titles I could add to this list and honestly I think I'm just going to add pretty much the entire catalogue to my wishlist. 

Have a look for yourselves on their website or follow them on twitter @atlanticbooks

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