Monday 31 August 2015

Fangirling for Fangirl

This month I've reread Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell for a twitter book group I joined. While I thought about re-reviewing it as I have a lot more to say about it, in the end I decided it would be more fun to pick out some of the most awesome related products I'd love to own and showcase them here!

First up I love this card from mimiboo on Etsy! 
I Choose You Over Everyone Fangirl Rainbow Rowell quote doodle art card
Then there's this Watford School of Magicks T shirt from Society6

Watford School of Magicks, Simon Snow - Large Logo, white by dporcupine

This charm bracelet really features all of Rainbow's books, but since they're all fantastic and it's beautiful, why not? 

Fangirl/Eleanor and Park/Attachments/Landline by Rainbow Rowell Book Locket Bracelet/Necklace/Bookmark/Keyholder/Bag Charm

I'm always on the lookout for ways to take tea with my places, so this travel mug would be perfect!

ClearClearFangirl - Rainbow Rowell Travel Mugs

I think I want this throw pillow more than anything else. I LOVE it!

Fangirl + Quotes Throw Pillows
And this tote bag. Amazing.

I object to every single thing you just said Tote Bags

Vinyl sticker with this brilliant quote. I also love the iPhone case but don't have an iPhone...

So many other things in the same prints e.g cards, postcards, posters of the throw pillow design, cards, t shirts of the travel mug design. I could go on, but I won't. 

I don't get enough time to browse the internet for bookish related ephemera anymore. I might make this a semi regular thing, anytime I really love a book and want things to remind me of how awesome it is. 

If you'd like to check out my Fangirl review you can do that here. I stand by everything I said except that I like it less than Attachments. I'm sure this will change once I finish my reread of Attachments, but at the moment it's right up there behind Eleanor & Park. Rainbow Rowell can pretty much do no wrong in my eyes, and her books just get better on rereading. Keep it up please, Rainbow!

Check out the discussion on twitter by searching #IftheShelfFits. 

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  1. I wasn't as big a fan of this one as I have been of her others (couldn't get into the actual fanfic parts) but there are always brilliant parts of her books and so many memorable quotes!