Saturday 1 October 2016

#LittleHouseRAL: The First Four Years & On The Way Home Link Up

This has been the first month of this read-along that I really haven't had the motivation to finish the book. Yes I've been pretty busy but that's not it - I just wasn't gripped by this one in the same way as all the previous books in the series. I think it's probably because Laura didn't fully prepare it for publication so it's essentially (according to the introduction in my edition anyway!) just her draft of the story and the style is quite different, particularly in the beginning, which I found a little jarring. By the end of it I was pretty engrossed, but I just didn't have the same compulsion to keep picking it up as I usually do!

If I get a chance today I'll be going around checking out everyone else's thoughts - sorry I've been terrible at that, just very limited spare time at the moment! How's everyone else finding the series?

This moth is On the Way Home which is Laura's diary from the family's trip from South Dakota to Missouri, with commentary by her daughter, Rose. As with most of the rest of this series, I haven't read this before so I think it will be interesting! I can't believe how far we are through the year now!

Check out Lynn's blog for her introductory post and link up your thoughts below!

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  1. I switched October and November because my library had November's book first. Enjoyed reading some nonfiction! Thanks for hosting, as always :)