Saturday 17 September 2016

Ninja Book Swap Blog Tour!

Autumn Ninja Book Swap sign up opens today (hooray!), and we're doing a little blog tour during the sign up period, mostly to celebrate the excellence of the swap but also to bring it to your attention in case you've never heard of it before! Ninja Swap is a brilliant thing, if I do say so myself, and we want you to join in!

Here's a little information, if you're not familiar with the concept:

The last part of this post is my favourite thing about it. I do feel like there can be a bit of divisiveness from time to time between bloggers/booktubers/bookstagrammers and I want to reiterate that the Ninja Book Swap is for everyone!As long as you're fully committed to making a lovely parcel and making a connection with your person and with us as a community then we want you to be involved, regardless of what platform you use to make your bookish love heard! 

The world can be a terrifying place, but I honestly do feel that these little connections and friendships that we make amongst ourselves here on the bookish internet can really help to challenge the sadness that can be caused by all the awful things that happen on a day to day basis. I know that I've made some lovely friends over the years that this project has been running and I'd like to give a shout out to a few of them here and encourage you to go and say hi to them: 

Firstly Hanna, my swap co-founder and first real blogging friend. I actually can't understand how she can walk so comfortably in heels but she can do that and have excellent thoughts about books. Often the ones I love. She's my book twin. 

Next up, for this autumn swap I have a new little team helping me out! They are Penni of Penni's Perceptions who organised this blog tour and is a genuinely lovely human being. She's full of ideas and enthusiasm and her support of the swap has been really uplifting to me for a while now. Also helping out with aaaaall the promotion, admin and ideas are Kate of The Quiet Knitter who is my constant twitter friend and supporter of all my insanity and Jinger, a long time swapper who's full of thoughts and whose enthusiasm for doing random acts of kindness really inspires me. Finally, on the admin side is Belle of There Are Ink Spots on my Page!, supporter of the swap from the Southern hemisphere whose email address never fails to make me laugh. We're a truly international little band with representation from the UK, Ireland, Australia and the US, and for me that's the beauty of the swap. Hello, international friends, come and join us!

You can see the sign up post with all the details for both of the swaps we're running this time here and check out the How it Works and FAQs for more information. Failing that you can tweet me (@NinjaBookSwap) or use #ninjabookswap!

Over the next few days fellow swappers and friends will be blogging about the swap - their past experiences, general thoughts and excitement and other things - to inspire you! Please feel free to visit them and to spread the word using the hashtag above!

Blog Tour Schedule

September 17th The Ninja Book Swap - Sign up Post
                            An Armchair by the Sea- Introduction

September 18th Jane Crowley

September 19th Marissa

September 20th Penni's Perceptions

September 21st The Quiet Knitter

September 22nd BiblioBeth

September 23rd Bookaholic Babe

September 24th Life as Freya

September 25th An Armchair by the Sea
                            Penni's Perceptions

September 27th Elena Square Eyes

September 28th KirstieKins Blogs

September 29th Kelly's Book Corner

September 30th The Novel Orange

October 1st Penni's Perceptions

If you'd like to blog about your desire to take part in the swap, any thoughts you might have about it, how you just signed up for it, or anything else swap related during this time then please feel free, we'd love to have you join us and if you use the hashtag I'll make sure to retweet your post!

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