Monday 7 September 2015

Re-Readathon Kick Off & TBR Link Up!

Drumroll please!

It is 12:01am on Monday September 7th and I declare the second Re-Readathon officially begun! Break out your old favourites, crack open the snacks and follow the hashtag (#rereadathon) on twitter. Let the re-reading commence!

A few housekeeping & scheduling bits and bobs:

  • If you want to enter challenges, giveaways etc that go on during the two weeks you must be signed up via the sign up linky. If you're not you can still sign up for the duration of the event here.
  • If you want to do your re-reading quietly by yourself in a corner that's absolutely fine. However if you do want to chat I'd love to talk to you! You can find me here (obviously), on Instagram (@armchairbythesea),on twitter (@fairybookgirl/@NinjaBookSwap) and on the hashtag (#rereadathon). 
  • There will be a twitter chat. This will take place on Sunday 13th September at 9pm GMT using the hashtag. We will be talking about what we're reading and just generally hanging out.
  • There will also be at least one challenge. This will be announced on Thursday morning. There may well be a second one next week as well, we'll see how we go! 
  • If you'd like to link up your TBRs for this event, whether it be in a blog post or a tweet or Instagram picture you can do that via the linky below. You can also link up any reviews or general re-readathon related blogs/vlogs etc here. 
  • Please remember to check out each other's links and say hi!
And now that's all done, let's have a look at my TBR for the next two weeks! I have been tweeting and instagramming about this for a while, but my pile keeps changing. I've even added another book since I posted my definitive TBR here the other day... What can I say? I like making piles of books...

I'm starting with The Night Circus because I love it so, so much and it's such an autumnal kind of book so with the weather suddenly turning into 'you must wear a jumper outside and have your wellies at the ready' kind of weather, it's perfect. I'm also tying it in with RIP. After that I'll either move on to The Ocean at the End of the Lane (also an extremely autumny read) or Animal Vegetable Miracle just because I'm so into my garden at the moment and I need a bit of a refresher to motivate me towards actually acquiring gardening knowledge rather than relying on my usual haphazard enthusaism. After that, we'll see! I am planning to throw myself whole-heartedly into the re-reading, so hopefully I'll get a bit done! Please feel free to say hi in the comments and let me know if you're reading/would like to read/hated/have never heard of any of the things I'm reading!

Happy Re-Readathon, everybody! 


  1. I loved Ocean at the End of Lane and remember it as a fairly quick read. I really want to read The Night Circus and even own it, but have yet to pick it up. Thanks for hosting!

  2. You've got a great selection. That's what I love about a dedicated rereadathon week: you just know you will only be reading excellent books. Hope you've had a productive reading day. I'm about halfway through The Martian already, and have just found out the film release date has been moved forward to my birthday weekend. How fortuitous!

  3. Thanks so much for hosting! I've been so busy reading that I haven't started my re-reading challenge post! I need to get right on that. Happy reading :)