Saturday 15 August 2015

Make Mine an Indie: Nobrow Press

This is the third in my series of posts in preparation for my year of buying indie only in 2016. The last two weeks have seen me feature the work of And Other Stories and Atlantic Books, and this week is the turn of London based publisher Nobrow.

This week is particularly exciting for me for a few reasons; firstly Nobrow are publishers of art and illustration and as such their website is a beautiful place to explore, and secondly they have a children's imprint, Flying Eye Books. Particularly exciting as I've been looking for new awesome books for my kids for a while!

Nobrow was founded in 2008 by Sam Arthur and Alex Spiro, ex students of St Martins with the vision of producing ground-breaking art and narrative with environmental consciousness central to its vision. Until the middle of 2014 they also had a shop in Central London. Today you can purchase all of their books, stationery, including an impressive range of gift wrap, and other awesome stuff via their website. 

Firstly some Flying Eye books I'm excited to read with the boys:

The Little Gardener by Emily Hughes 

There was once a little gardener and his garden meant everything to him. He worked hard, very hard, but he was just too little (or at least he felt he was).
In this beautifully gentle tale Emily Hughes, the celebrated author of Wild, departs from the larger than life Wild-girl of her debut to pursue a little-r than life Gardener, in a tale that teaches us just how important it is to persist and try, no matter what the odds.
With ever delicately woven tapestries of illustrated magic, Hughes once again transports us to a world not unlike our own, but still brimming with fantasy and wonder.
Mr Tweed's Good Deeds by Jim Stoten
Mr. Tweed sets out on his afternoon stroll, but soon finds some friends in need of his help. Can you come to his aid and help him find what they are looking for? Hidden in pages of vibrant colour and highly detailed illustrations lie a variety of different objects waiting to be discovered! Stoten’s wonderfully whimsical designs will enchant young readers into this fun and quirky world where counting is made easy.
Jim Stoten is an illustrator based in London, UK. Over the last several years Jim’s unique style and fun illustrations have been commissioned for an impressive list of clients including MTV, Habitat, Levi’s, Urban Outfitters and The Guardian. He frequently exhibits his work in galleries around the globe.
And a couple from Nobrow Small Press:
Death's Cocktail Party by Nishant Choksi
From the Nobrow website:
(Former British Prime Minister) Harold Mcmillan once remarked that ‘memorial services are the cocktail parties of the geriatric set’. Nishant Choksi with his first release through Nobrow Press, Death’s Cocktail Party, however, has imaginatively put the two together.
Taking the form of a series of slapstick vignettes, Death’s Cocktail Party imagines how the Grim Reaper would host his own high brow soiree, topping up guests drinks with dynamite and substituting polite small-talk for cannibal friendly canap├ęs.
A positively dark tale, bound to amuse more than intimidate, Choksi concocts his ever more ridiculous and wild scenarios using brushes, ink and just 2 spot colours. Printed on Rives printmakers paper and available in a limited run of 100 copies Choksi promises to ‘take us to the darkest of all party venues for one last drink’
The Hunter by Joe Sparrow
From the Nobrow website:
One aristocratic hunter is about to face his toughest quarry: a mythical beast composed of all his vanguished trophies!
In a time centuries before our own, one arrogant hunter has grown bored of sport. Only the legends of a mythical beast excite him now, but when he goes hunting for the creature he quickly discovers that he is outmatched. Because this beast is not any mythical animal but is composed of all the hunted pre killed in the past, and it is most certainly out for revenge.

You can find Nobrow on twitter @nobrowpress, via their Facebook page, Tumblr, on Pinterest or through their website.
Have you read any of these beautiful books? Let me know which independent publishers (UK or non) you're excited about in the comments!

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