Sunday 29 March 2015

Currently: 29/03/2015

This week I've posted pretty much every day thanks to Bloggiesta. It was my first time taking part and I LOVED it. I'll definitely be back for the next one! I'm so excited about blogging again and have been scheduling posts like crazy as well so I'm really hopeful that this week has helped to revitalise my blogging spirit and get me more active within the blogging community again. Yay for Bloggiesta and thanks to the organisers for a great event!

Time and Place  14:22 in my front room. Rhys has taken the boys out to give me a couple of hours off prior to my return to work tomorrow and I'm getting stuff sorted out!

Reading Sigh. I'm three weeks behind on War and Peace now thanks to Terry Pratchett dying and then Bloggiesta. I don't think I'm going to catch up now, which is a shame as I was really enjoying it. Hopefully I'll still manage to finish it at some point as I am half way through it so it would be a shame not to, but we'll see as I think I've maxed out my renewals on it too.... I did finally finish Peter Duck this week for my great Swallows and Amazons reading project and start on Winter Holiday so I feel like I'm making progress with that. Besides that I'm reading A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki which I'm really enjoying but I'm reading it slowly. Savouring it. Oh, and I also finished up Jenny Han's Summer series by binge-reading We'll Always Have Summer over the space of about three hours. A review is coming!

Watching Last night Rhys was out at a concert and so I put on series 6 of Gilmore Girls and was amazed to find that there are some episodes I've never seen before! Super excited about that as I thought I'd seen them all! We also bought the move of Paddington which I watched with Rhys on Friday night and again with Benji yesterday afternoon. I love it.

Listening The soundtrack to the 2011 Muppets Movie over and over and over again. Also Jamie Cullum's album Interlude, because the whole family loves it. I'm also going to be listening to a few Terry Pratchett audiobooks over the next couple of weeks. We have The Light Fantastic, Thief of Time and Night Watch read by Tony Robinson, so I'm excited about that.

Spring Bloggiesta 2015Blogging Oh so much! I posted by Bloggiesta sign up post (linked above), a Top Ten Tuesday post on childhood books I'd most like to revisit, a post about reviving my fairytale feature as a monthly meme, a day in my life and why my most recent TBR restriction project is a charitable endeavour, not a ban.

Recommending Bloggiesta to everyone who's fallen into a blogging rut. And twitter chats. because they are awesome. I took part in my first couple this week for bloggiesta and loved them! Such great people, so helpful. Also the Piano Guys, especially this.

Loving Our new church. We've not really had a regular church since we moved to Kent four years ago but when we moved into our new house we decided to go church-hunting and hit the jackpot with the second one we tried. It's lovely to feel part of something again and an easy way for someone who struggles socially as much as I do to meet people.

Wtiches, Frogs & Happily Ever After: A Monthly Fairytale MemeAlso loving reading about fairytales again, creating prompts and generally rambling in preparation for kicking off the Witches, Frogs and Happily Ever After meme at the end of the month! I'm hoping lots of you will join me!

Making Mostly blog related stuff. Have you seen my cool new social media buttons? I love them, and I'm incredibly proud of myself for making buttons that work (and extremely grateful for this amazing post which helped me to make them!). I'm also going to finally sew the cover for the seat cushion for our new window seat/board game storage box tonight.

Anticipating Our 'Meet the Ninjas' project over on the Ninja Book Swap blog starting this coming Saturday. I'm going first so if you want to find out even more about me (ha) feel free to head over there then and spread the word!

I'm also excited and nervous about my return to work. It's going to be fine I know as I've already come back from (a much longer) maternity leave before and know how quickly I'll pick everything up again, but still it's always a little daunting. Plus I know they'll have hired new people while I've been off, so there's always a bit of that to overcome.

What have you all been doing?


  1. Good luck going back to work and here's hoping your week goes well! Have enjoyed your posts this week. :-)

    1. Thank you Kay! I'm definitely going to try to stick to my bloggiesta resolution to answer my comments, so nice chatting to people!

  2. It's a shame about you falling behind on War and Peace, but life happens, and that is a BIG commitment. But I hope you get to finish eventually - you've come this far.

    Good luck with going back to work tomorrow. Hope it all goes smoothly and that you settle back into a pattern quickly and get to befriend any newbies. :)

  3. I never thought about Tony Robinson reading Terry Pratchett's books, but he'd be SO GOOD! :)