Tuesday 16 September 2014

The Ninja Book Swap Is Back & It's Trick or Treat Time!

Guys! It's that time again! It seems to roll around super quickly but The Ninja Book Swap is back for our second Halloween, and what's more we now have our own dedicated sparkly new blog! You can find out way more information than you ever needed to know over there, but just in case you've not heard of us before I'll do a quick recap here. 

- Sign up is open until September 30th. To sign up please fill in the form here. This is different from past swaps so please note that you no longer have to email us to sign up! We will then match you up with your person & email you their details in the first few days of October. You then have until October 25th to shop and send your parcel.

- As it is Halloween we are running two swaps: the straight swap for which you create a package of a book or two from your person's wishlist, a little gift and a card revealing who you are, and the Trick or Treat swap, for which you will need to tell us your three favourite books and a genre you'd like to read more of. We will then partner you with somebody who has a favourite book in the genre you'd like to read more of and vice versa. Your parcel should consist of a trick (the book that you love in the genre they want to read more of), a treat (either a book from their wishlist, a small gift based on their likes, or both) and a card revealing who you are!  

- If you'd like to send two parcels please fill in the relevant form twice (i.e 2x straight swap, 2x trick or treat or fill in both forms to send one of each)

- You can choose whether you'd like to send internationally or not. We like to keep the swap accessible to as many people as possible so if you can't afford to send internationally that's totally find, just click that option on the sign up form!

- IMPORTANT - When buying books for the straight swap or 'treat' books for the trick or treat swap you MUST shop from your person's wishlist. If you don't you have no way of knowing that they haven't already read/don't already own the book you're buying them and it can be really disappointing for people to receive something they already have. 

So far the swap has been getting bigger and better each time and we hope to continue that trend. Please help us out by tweeting about the swap using #ninjabookswap, or liking us on Facebook, or blogging about it! The more participants we have the better it is! 

Blog - www.theninjabookswap.blogspot.com
Twitter - @NinjaBookSwap
Email - ninjabookswap@gmail.com
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Ninja-Book-Swap/276370692568514?ref=hl

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