Thursday 15 August 2013

The (Sort of) Return

I’m sort of back. Although I got back from holiday a couple of weeks ago, we still have no internet in the house. Hopefully that will change on 20th when we’re due to finally get broadband, but there may be some extenuating circumstances which could delay it, so we’ll see...

Without internet access I’m finding it really hard to be organised enough to get all the stuff written that I need to. Every time I sit down to write a review I swear my brain just shuts up shop for the day and refuses to do any forming of coherent sentences and the like. I may just do a load of mini reviews to get the current pile out the way and start fresh once I have access to unlimited browsing on a proper sized screen which doesn’t have a stupid touch keypad attached to it! I swear I didn’t realise how awesome laptops with keyboards are until my only internet access was through a stupid touch screen phone which is rubbish at the best of times and totally useless at the worst. Most of the time I can’t even be bothered to do anything which could be vaguely termed ‘interacting’ on it, or I get half way through a comment or tweet or something and it freaks out and starts trying to get me to voicedial someone and I end up throwing it at the wall. So if you were wondering where I’ve been the past couple of weeks, I’ve been screaming at inanimate objects...

The internet is now refusing to play ball. I had a whole post about all the books I bought on holiday (there were 19) but it now refuses to let me upload ANY OF THE PHOTOS. If I die of stress, the internet will be the cause. So there we go. This was going to be a post full of book porn, but instead what you have is me, basically saying I'm back... but not really.

If you're interested in craft, I'm starting a UK crafter of the week feature on my craft blog and have some seriously talented people lined up. The first one goes up on Monday, provided I can upload the photos to it, and I have some mini reviews for the blog so I can finally get some bookish content back up. I miss blogging SO MUCH but without internet access there's no way to maintain it to any decent level. I'm always rushed and stressed and end up posting crap or just getting so stressed out I give up all together. Keep your fingers crossed the broadband guy actually turns up on Tuesday and gives me back the ability to browse. 

I miss you guys :-( 


  1. Owww we miss you too, Bex! I hope everything falls into place and you can enjoy a great Internet connection as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I wonder if I would be more productive without the Internet and sit down to write by hand and spend all the time I spend checking on whatever in reading some books. Take it as a challenge :D

  2. Awwwwww, Bex! That sucks so much- I've had reliable internet for the longest time now that I can't even imagine what I'd do without it, so my sympathy levels are massive! I really really hope you gets your internet back because DAMMIT I want to see those 19 books (woah, dude. That is a lot.)

    ALSO- I have been weirdly writing blog posts on paper like it's the 90s or something, and it seems to work only then I can't be bothered to actually type them and that's not good! This is pretty irrelevant, but someone needs to know and I have chosen you!

  3. Internet problems definitely sucketh - but never fear, Miss Bex, we can wait for that book porn until your new shiny broadband is up and running! Did you have a nice holiday? (On second thoughts, don't answer that - because touch screen commenting sucketh too. I can't even WORK a touch screen, haha!). ALL WILL BE BACK TO WORKING CAPACITY SOON, MY DARLING.

    I'm thinking of doing the whole 'writing on paper' thing for reviews and posts when we finally get moved, because we won't have internet for a while there either. But although it can get me started, get my thoughts flowing, it's so much EASIER to edit and shift things around on the screen, so... I don't know how well I'll keep to that plan. Hey, if all else fails at least I'll be reading plenty without the interwebs to distract me every five minutes, right? :)