Tuesday 20 August 2013

I'm Back and I Have Broadband! (and Cookies)

GUYS! Our Broadband arrived today and IT'S AMAZING. There will probably be a lot of capitals in this post and exclamation marks, in fact I kind of feel like I need a GIF with somebody dancing, except I know absolutely nothing about GIFs or how to get them or make them work or anything. So never mind, but the capitals. Yes. There will be capitals. 

I haven't had access to broadband internet since we moved to Kent, so pretty much three years ago. I don't know if most people will be able to understand the level of excitement contained in this house at the moment. We gave up our TV licence a couple of months back, and the excitement of having iPlayer and 4oD back is compounded by the fact that we can play the shows on the Wii and thus it's as if we were actually watching TV, except minus £150 a year. Also, all our internet access since the move has been either via the stupid BTWiFi 'hotspot' (i.e. if the neighbour whose connection provides the hotspot goes on holiday or turns off their modem for any reason or if it's sunny or windy or snowing in Thanet our internet connection dies) or the library, which is great but a bit full of sweaty old men also using the computer/trying to chat me up :-/ Anyway! Those days are now over and I can type all my randomness at my own leisure without having to think about whether I've remember to transfer posts to memory sticks and whether I have the accompanying photos also on the memory stick. I can find my email again. I can visit all your blogs again and actually comment without getting halfway through and giving up when autocorrect tries to change 'hello' to 'death' or something equally ridiculous. 

Basically, I'm back, I have a full sized screen, a (hopefully) reliable internet connection and I love it. I'm off to comment the hell out of all your blogs :-D


  1. YAYYYY!!! I think we take for granted our Internet access. Hope to see you around more :D

  2. You have broadband - I am so so very very jealous! Word is we have at least another three years to go before we get it, and I heard a rumour they're behind schedule :(


    Quick gif lesson- they are exactly the same as pictures and putting one in a post is the same as putting a picture in your post, which I KNOW you know how to do! Tumblr is the best ever source for said gifs. The end.

  4. If I had broadband, this would be me: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m1xsky0tY01qlk3xv.gif


  5. YAY INTERWEBS! Getting iPlayer and blogginess and 4oD back is definitely awesome, and I just have to say, 'Hello to Death' would make a GREAT band name. You should probably copyright it or something. :)

    I'm going the other way this week while we're moving - I'll be losing my internet completely and hopefully doing a little knitting, a little writing posts by hand, and LOTS of reading. You know, when I'm not opening boxes and wondering why the hell I thought I needed to pack THAT instead of getting rid of it. I won't have internet at the new house for a while, and now the shop modem's chosen this instant to start throwing tantrums every half hour too, so I might be MIA for a bit! DON'T HAVE TOO MUCH FUN WITHOUT ME! :(