Tuesday 4 September 2012

RAK September Sign Up

If there's anybody left in the world who doesn't know about RAK, it's a monthly event hosted by the lovely girls at Booksoulmates. Each month that you plan to participate you sign up with your wishlist, and then you pick things from other people's wishlists and send them books, and hope that somebody sends you one too. It's lovely and I think everybody should do it :-)

I didn't sign up last month, because it was the month I started my maternity leave and I wanted to figure out our financial situation a little before I committed to sending out books as I tend to get a little carried away. It's difficult to limit myself to sending just one book when there are so many people asking for brilliant ones! But anyway, last month things worked out better than I expected, so I'm back again for this month at least!

If anybody is interested, my wishlists are here and here (they're basically the same, but the second link has pictures), and if there's anybody out there who would rather send a book to the upcoming baby than me, then I totally support that and have even made him a wishlist in aid of such endeavours, which can be found here.

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