Friday 1 July 2016

#EliotAlong Week 1 Questions!

I mentioned vaguely in the kick off post that I might be posting prompt questions each week and I've decided it's probably a good idea. Of course you don't have to use them when you're posting about the book, but just in case you're stuck with what to write I thought questions might give us a good starting point for discussing the book.

As of writing this I'm only up to chapter 8, but I have a lot of time on a coach over the weekend so I anticipate being done by Sunday!

1. Is this your first encounter with George Eliot? How are you finding it? Did you have any preconceptions about Eliot or the book before you started?
2. How do you feel about Dorothea?
3. Who is your favourite character so far and why?
4. The place of women is mentioned a lot in the first few chapters. Discuss.
5. Anything else?

If you haven't signed up yet and still want to join us you can find the schedule and link up here - we're only one week in so you haven't missed too much!


  1. Pace is just right! Haven't read Eliot before, though I tried Middlemarch years back.
    Could anyone point me to a potted history of the Reform debate/Whigs/catholicism issues of the period?
    Love that Dorothea is designing houses rather than visiting the poor, catching a terrible illness and dying (common affliction of the well meaning female characters in other period novels).
    Eliot's approach to religion in particular is new to me and different from the Dickens I've been reading this year. Like Dickens, there are many characters at the start, different social classes, debt, blood relations, expectations and romance.
    Also finding the chapter headings of interest - feel there is a huge amount of scholarly investigation that would enrich the reading if I go back a second time. What did others make of the Chapter 13 heading?

    1. Hi Lauren! I am not sure about the section/book headings. I was surprised that the first one is called 'Miss Brooke' and she petered out and a whole slew of new characters came in instead of changing the title earlier. As to 'Old and Young' I am not sure, since we are not very far into it. Although there is a a real mix, almost a standoff, between the older and younger characters. Maybe that's it.

      I am wondering, as well, if a better understand of the political and religious issues of the time would help understand the book better. But since I don't think I will have time this go around, I will just have to take it as is. I am enjoying it very much, though. What a large, interesting cast of characters

    2. That's how I feel, too, Laurie. No time to research. I just want to read the story for the story. But this one feels like a rereader to me, and I might go more in-depth when I revist. There's this site though, for those who are interested:

      I'm fairly certain she'd LOVE to answer questions.