Sunday 18 January 2015

Currently 18/01/2015

It's been a while since I did a 'Currently' and as I've now taken three evenings to not even half finish the post I'm writing about the Panels Read Harder Challenge (it's coming this week I promise!) I thought this would be a good way to get back on track with what's going on!

Time and Place 7:24pm in the armchair

Reading I just finished The Paris Wife by Paula McLain for our online book group. I really enjoyed it - it was very thought provoking reading and provided a lot of information about Ernest Hemingway, about whom I knew very little prior to reading this. I'll be talking about it in more detail after book group 'meets' at the end of the month! I'm now reading The Winter of Our Disconnect by Susan Maushart, which is nonfiction about how she turned off all of her family's technology for six months. I really like it so far, and it's strengthening my resolutions about cutting down on screen time.

Watching We just finished the second season of Once Upon a Time, so while we're waiting for season 3 to arrive we're starting up on season 2 of Mr Selfridge in preparation for its return later in the month!

Listening We've actually turned off the TV recently and had quite a few evenings listening to music and reading. Rhys has been reading Castle Waiting by Linda Medley, which I may have slightly somewhat used my wiles to make him think he wanted to buy when we were in Foyles a couple of weeks ago. It worked, though, and we've been listening to various things while he's been reading it, Paolo Nutini's newish album Caustic Love, and the OST for Guardians of the Galaxy among them. I've also just discovered Books on the Nightstand, so I've been listening to that when I get time as well as catching up with many episodes of the Bookrageous podcast. If any of you have any recommendations for great podcasts, I'd love to hear them!

Recommending Not sure if this counts, but Hanna and I are in the preliminary stages of planning the Spring Ninja Book Swap, so I've been back on twitter chatting to everyone I can find! I love running this event and if you've not joined in yet I honest recommend that you do! Come find us on twitter @NinjaBookSwap

Loving My #yearofmaking project! I will post about this on a monthly basis and give updates as I have yet to actually finish anything, but I have several projects lying around waiting to be lined. Basically all that's stopping me from having been ridiculously productive is my fear of the sewing machine...

I'm also really enjoying my One Little Word project so far. I'm finding it great just to keep my word in mind as much as possible on a daily basis. I think it's already making me slightly more chilled and more generous!

Making On Friday I made clementine marmalade because on Thursday we went to the farm shop and they had massive bags of clementines for 50p which were kind of already a bit squishy. I haven't tried it yet, but it smelled amazing so I'm excited to! I'm also going to gift a couple of jars to my grandmas who are coming down with my mum on Thursday to babysit for Rhys and I while he has an appointment.

Anticipating Still moving house. The estate agent says we should be exchanging by the end of this week so who knows what that actually means in real time? Maybe I'll have time to finish making the draught excluder I'm knitting for the back door. I just want to move now so we can get on with all the things we're planning.... painting bookcases, making a music room, building a window seat with book storage in it, making the boys a reading corner in their room, building raised beds for the garden and planting loads of fruit and veg, having a climbing frame. The list goes on. Come on, house!

How's everybody's week been? What are you looking forward to?


  1. My book club read The Paris Wife a few months back and it was a big hit - we all liked the book plus there is so much to discuss.

  2. So glad to hear that you enjoyed The Paris Wife! I'm almost done. Can't wait for our discussion! :)

    And yay for the Spring Ninja Book Swap. I'll be there with bells on, hahaha.

  3. It's based on "Shopping, Seduction and Mr Selfridge" by Lindy Woodhead which is a great book. I watch Selfridge on its rebradcast here on Monday afternoon. Really looking forward to reading Paris Wife too

  4. The Paris Wife was great. Glad you enjoyed it. And the marmalade sounds good!