Friday 21 December 2012

2013 Essay Reading Challenge

This is (probably) the last challenge I'm going to sign up for for next year. I've just finished reading Moranthology and I know that's more columns than essays but still, I really loved it and I've wanted to do more of the reading of essays for a loooong time, so there we go. I'm only signing up to read 10, and I'll read more if I get around to it! 

For more information and to sign up go here. So far I've absolutely no idea what I'll be reading, but I'm sure I'll find some stuff!


  1. Oh yes, Nora! Also, there are loads of books of book-related essays (like Ex Libris!), which are usually awesome. I've got George Orwell's essays lying around somewhere too, I'd like to read some of those next year I think. I'll keep an eye on your progress, see if I can get any more recommendations! :)

    1. I actually have a book of Nora's out from the library that I haven't started yet.. Maybe I can hold it off until January... Also I'm really interested in Ex Libris since I read a couple of reviews lately which were great, and there's also another book of essays by the same author I think my library have :-)