Thursday 25 October 2012

Slightly Book Related Stuff and Other Things...

So, time for a quick update post in between attempting to feed my lovely little boy and attempting to get some sleep before he wakes up and wants to feed some more, and freaking out that he is dying of some mysterious disease related to his body temperature/the amount he's eating/any other little thing that presents itself as slightly weird. Babies are scary... (and awesome, but yeah, scary). 

Rhys is almost at the end of his paternity leave, and has to go back to work on Saturday :-( Hopefully family will be coming down to help me out and keep me sane but we shall see. I have been reading quite a lot, unexpectedly, and also knitting myself a nursing shawl which I'm ridiculously proud of because it looks really fancy (it actually isn't, but you know). With the reading, I've finally got hold of Tolstoy and the Purple Chair by Nina Sankovich, which everybody else in the entire world read months ago, and I'm really enjoying it despite it being a lot less bookish than I thought it would be. I may or may not get around to writing a proper review of it - there are a lot of turned down corners where I've found interesting quotes I'd like to think about more, but who knows if I'll actually find enough time to concentrate enough to review it? Expect a lot of these kinds of posts while I'm adjusting to being a mummy! I'm also reading The Politically Incorrect Parenting Book by Nigel Latta which Hanna sent me in her box of baby awesome  and it's brilliant and hilarious and really reassuring, unlike a lot of the other baby related books I've read which seem to be written by hysterical, schedule obsessed women. It is really nice to read a book that's basically just telling me to calm down, but in hilarious fashion. My mum came round the other day and informed Rhys that he should just 'give me a slap' when I'm being hysterical and ridiculous, because apparently it's really the only way to deal with me. I would like to point out that she never has actually given me a slap, she just tells other people that they should on a regular basis, but in a joking kind of way. Because that's how she is. And that's how this book is too. It's great. 

I'm also knitting this but in purple, in case I ever find myself having to breastfeed in like McDonalds or somewhere, because I really don't want 14 year olds staring at me. And yes, it's pretty, and I'm impressed with myself for my ninja multitasking skills. 

In other news, my wedding ring finally fits again! I have been wearing it round my neck for the past eight or so months and unfairly scowling at people when they don't realise I'm married. It's nice to have it on again. :-) The baby has a library card, and also got free books when we went to register his birth. Plus he can take out thirty items and doesn't have to pay late fees or reservation charges. Win. 

How's everyone else doing? I'm trying to keep up with blog reading and commenting, but as with everything else, some days are better than others. Babies are great :-) 


  1. Wow, baby gets THIRTY BOOKS? Why did I never get thirty books? *scowls, sulks, pokes tongue out at baby, then melts and coos and vows never to let bookish jealousy overtake her ever again* *idly wonders what she could do with a thirty-book limit these days* *faints*

    That box of Baby Awesomeness is... awesome. As is the lovely Hanna for sending it, of course! I have to admit, every time I see something gorgeous and baby-related now I'm like ZOMG SO CUTE WHO HAS A BABY? and you are the ONLY NAME. Sooner or later I'll probably succumb. Like, when he's four and doesn't need two-inch bootees any more. I'm good with kids. :D

    Glad you're happy and reading and not panicking too much and generally enjoying maternal life - and thank you for pointing out that the Nina Sankovitch book isn't that bookish so I don't pick it up when I'm in the mood for an all-out book about books and get horribly disappointed. EVEN WHEN YOU ARE A NEW MUM YOU STILL DO BOOK ADVICE! I'll stop now. :D

  2. you are doing great ^^ don't fret dear^^