Thursday 1 September 2011

I'm About to Be an Absenteeeeeeee!

Hello all. Sorry I've not been so bloggy lately, and that this is going to be (yet another) apology for lack of forthcoming bloggyness, but tomorrow will be my last day of work for two weeks, as I'm going off to get married!! I am so excited it's actually beyond all belief, and I am going back to my mums for a week before the wedding to hang out with my family and generally prepare, plus having my first fitting for the dress, which I'm a bit scared about (don't worry, my Aunty is making it, so it's ok that I've left it this late..). I've just sorted out a big pile of books to take with me for this week, and the week of honeymoon following our wedding, and caused my fiance to sigh heavily, while then immediately going 'oh, actually, can you add those graphic novels we bought yesterday? and that Neil Gaiman book in the front room? Oh! And also, also, I might go and buy The Carpet People tomorrow'. These are the things that make me happy.

Speaking of things that make me happy, I arrived home today to find not only my next book from the Transworld Book Group Challenge, but ALSO two unrequested books from the lovely people at Simon & Schuster. Such a brilliant day! I should really be packing, as I'm leaving straight from work tomorrow and as yet my 'luggage' is a pile of stuff surrounding a holdall in the middle of the bedroom floor, but instead I'm going to show you guys a pretty picture of the pile of books I'm hoping to read in the next two weeks. I will hopefully be posting the odd review, but I know you'll understand if I'm a bit silent!

The top one is my next Transworld Book Group book, and the bottom two are the ones from Simon & Schuster. I won't lie, I'll probably be reading the Philippa Gregory next, and I'm also very excited about Fun Home, as it's part of my recent desire to expand the kinds of graphic novels I read. I know I won't read all of these but I do like to have some variety!

And now I'm off to do my packing. Or eat pasta bake, get stuck into my new book, and generally ignore everything wedding related I have to do! See you all in a couple of weeks :-)


  1. Oh wow! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. That's so exciting. Have fun :D

  2. Aww, I can sense the excitement through your post. Made me smile :)

    I have One Day to read this week too, and I think Death Sentence is the next one on my Transworld list. Maybe.

    Have a great, great day if you don't hear from me before then!

  3. Have a wonderful, wonderful wedding day!!!

  4. Thanks everyone! :-D. Hanna- I Still have that Scarlett Thomas book for you, it's all packed up ready to go I just haven't got round to sending it yet, but I will at some point I promise! :-P