Tuesday 12 July 2011

Readathon Update 1

This was going to go up yesterday, but my internet, which I am growing to gradually loathe more than I loathe most other things, refused to play ball. I spent a while getting mad at it, but then realised that not only did it solve nothing, but also that it lost me valuable reading time, so I stopped, and went back to reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. As of this moment, my stats for this readathon stand thus:
I have spent approximately six or seven hours reading.
I have started and finished Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, which I very much enjoyed.
I have also read 46 pages of How I Became a Famous Novelist by Steve Hely, which I’m still making my mind up about.
Late last night, after finishing Percy Jackson, I read another 45 pages of Monica Ali’s In the Kitchen, which is really engrossing. I like her style of writing, and enjoyed Brick Lane a lot, so I’m hoping I’ll love this.
So far, it’s not going as great as I’d hoped, but it could be a lot worse! I started reading 8am yesterday morning London time, and having finished Percy Jackson, I now feel incredibly unsettled as to what to read next, hence the jumping from one thing to another... I think I’m just going to try not to restrict myself too much, after all, any reading is good J
I’m having a really great time with this, and I’m wickedly gleeful about having an excuse to read loads and ignore everyone (and everything ) else. Tomorrow is my day off, and we’re taking  a trip to a couple of second hand bookshops, but apart from that, I plan to get loads of reading done! How’s everybody else doing?

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