Monday 20 June 2011

It's My Birthday!!

This is a little bit of a nothing-y post, because I've got a moment of internet connectivity out of my hitherto dead laptop, and it's my birthday. Unfortunately, I do not actually have a cupcake tower like this (sob), however I do have the remnants of a green sponge chocolate iced dinosaur cake, decorated with many different kinds of sweets... It is my 24th birthday, and yes, I am a little bit immature! Also the reason that it was a green cake is because my sister (who's 22) insisted that it couldn't be a dinosaur cake unless it was green, as dinosaurs are monsters, monsters are green, hence green cake. Of course....

I've just got back from a weekend of loveliness back in the London suburbs with my (enormous and mental) family, and a few of my close friends. There has been large amounts of giggling, eating, and of course, drinking. On Saturday night we watched the 25th Anniversary Concert of Les Miserables, which is my favourite musical of ALL TIME, and invented a drinking game to go with it. Some of the rules were truly ridiculous - i.e. Drink whenever somebody holds a note on for an abnormally long time. If any of you have seen the musical, you will know that this happens a lot. Needless to say, the night ended very very late, and I spent most of Sunday recovering (with the help of my mum's Roast dinner, and The King's Speech - great film!).

So now I'm back, straight back to work, and thinking about all the reviews and features I need to write. Our main PC has caught some kind of disgusting deadly virus, and so I'm not touching it with a bargepole, and am relegated to my teeny little netbook, but oh well. I acquired (of course) a lot of books over my birthday weekend. Gifts aside (and I got a fair few of those), there's a huge car boot sale on every Sunday not far from my Mum's, and so we went, and many many people were selling books 6 for £1. How could I turn them down??? I have some beautiful things, beautiful pictures of which will be posted at a later date, when I'm less lazy, and for now, I'm off to get birthday fish and chips with my man :-)

Just before I go, I want to give a shout out to the most recent of my sisters to get a blog! She's mental, mutli-coloured, very bouncy, and talks a LOT! Her name is Miriam, and you can find her here. She's not written much yet, but she will, and it will be entertaining! If you're so inclined, find her on Deviant Art too. She's lovely!

Anyway, off I go! What're you all reading on my lovely rainy birthday?


  1. Happy Birthday! May you never become so mature that the idea of a dinosaur birthday cake seems "immature". Keep that sense of fun.

    Les Miserables is my favorite musical as well. I've had the joy of seeing it on Broadway and on tour in both Tulsa and Kansas City. Moves me every single time.

    Look forward to seeing your pix of the books you got! :)

  2. Happy bday! The green cake sounds delicious, dinosaurs included!!

  3. Happy birthday! It sounds like you've had a great time so far.

  4. 6 books for £1!? I wish the carboots near me were that good!

    Les Mis is my favourite musical too. I was introduced to it when I was about three and horrified my parents by singing 'Master of the House' at the top of my voice in a toy shop in York once! The rude bits, naturally.


    I feel special now :)

    Hope you had a great birthday Bekah-Bob, come down again sooooooooon! That car boot sale was AWESOME. New books FTW. Charity shops are the reason I never have any money. :D

    And yay for Les Mis drinking games - created by those who don't drink. xD

  6. I was just checking my google reader to catch up with all the posts and saw its your birthday :)
    Happy birthday :)

  7. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! :-)

    Hanna- Master of the House is a wicked song, i'm going to see Les Mis (for the sxith time...) in August and Matt Lucas is playing the innkeeper, and from what I saw on the anniversary concert, he's gonna be GREAT!

    Miri- I saw ur post r.e charity shops,. If you dont stop soon,you'll seriously develop my addiction :-P