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Thursday, 13 September 2012

BBAW Day 4: Pimp that Book!

My major problem with today is that I wanted to be non-obvious about the books that I'm going to try to make you want to read. Therefore I can't talk about The Night Circus, How to Be a Woman or anything by Scarlett Thomas (although go out and get hold of all of the aforementioned right now!). From a blogging point of view I really should talk about The Night Circus as it's the book I would never have read without blogging, but I've mentioned how much I love it so many times that I think regular readers will be getting bored of my obsessiveness... Scarily this leaves me at kind of a dead end for knowing what to write about and I know there are tons of great books that I love and which are currently escaping me, so I'm going to peruse my shelves...

So, awesome books I would never have discovered without blogging... 

Firstly, the Fables series by Bill Willingham. I think it was on Kim's blog that I first heard about these while I was looking for something to read after finishing Neil Gaiman's Sandman series. They are a series of graphic novels based around characters from fairytale and fables who have escaped a war in their magical homelands and set up a new community in modern day New York. When I first heard the premise I wasn't sure either, but they are surprisingly gripping and great and it's quite awesome how Willingham keeps introducing new characters pretty much every book. Don't let the fact that they are graphic novels put you off either if you're not a graphic novel fan - they're beautiful and really well told and just generally great if you're into fairytale or folklore at all. I'm up to book number 8 at the moment and I've been reviewing them in groups! My reviews are here (the prequel and #1), and here (#2,3,& 4), review of 5,6, and 7 are forthcoming! 

I hate blogger today. I can't get any of my pictures to format properly and it's sticking gigantic holes in my posts so I apologise for that. Blogger - you suck. Tender is the Night, however, does the opposite of sucking. Although it had been sat on my shelf for literally years, I probably never would have got around to reading it if not for the now defunct Classics Circuit. I read it for the Lost Generation Tour and I'm so glad I did. You can read my review of it here, and see how it is basically just awesome. It's pretty much about the transient nature of everything, and about mental illness and fragility but covered up with Fitzgerald's trademark glitz and cocktails. 

So there you go, awfully formatted post, but some great books :-)


  1. Oh, oh, oh! Tender is the Night is one of my favorites! It's absolutely my favorite Fitzgerald. So glad to see you promoting this! Everyone considers Gatsby to be his masterpiece (and it is incredible - I've read it 3 times, now); but, to me, Tender is the Night is the masterpiece!

  2. Well, I'm sure glad you didn't talk about The Night Circus. Great job. :)

  3. Two books my husband adored! :-) I haven't read either yet though.

    I know we aren't supposed to talk about Night Circus, but I may FINALLY get around to reading it soon. We'll see. I've heard such great things about it.

    1. Not that I'm talking about it either, but you really should. It's just a totally great book, I can't even describe it. I never got around to writing a proper review because I couldn't formulate actual words about it, just incoherent screaming noises :-p

  4. That happens to me sometimes too. It is annoying about the holes. The post looks fine.

    Thanks for the book ideas. Have a fun day!!

    Silver's Reviews

  5. Great picks! I own Fables vol 1 and really need to get around to reading it...

    Here's my spotlight!

  6. Great choices...thanks for the link to the Classics Club. I signed up and am now a member!


    1. Oh yay I'm so glad! The Classics Club is awesome :-)