Sunday 22 July 2012

The Sunday Salon - Books for Baby #3

Yay it's finally sunny! This week's been pretty awful, as I've been stuck inside since Friday morning pretty much due to some dizziness/baby related problems. Hopefully it's all fine now, but I've been ordered to rest lots, which I hate because as soon as somebody tells me I have to do something, I immediately want to go out and do the opposite. Today I've finally managed to get out for a bit though and we went for a wander around shops and suchlike (bought shoes for the hubby, maternity clothes for me, all the fun stuff!), but it did inspire me to do another Books for Baby post, as it's been a while since I've done one! There are more books that I've been given but I haven't got the energy to find them at the moment, so I'll do another post at some point, catching up on all the books I've missed! 

Anyway! The books in the picture:

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson was sent to me by the lovely Laura of Devouring Texts. She sent me a book for RAK and really kindly included one for bump! Thanks again! :-) 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury. I got this today from Waterstone's as I still had some money left on giftcards and I figured I'm not the only one who should benefit from having lovely relatives! Also, it's a board book, and so actually suitable for him from pretty much straight away! Rhys has never read the book, so I think he'll have a great time doing the actions and making all the noises :-p 

I know that a cardigan is not a book, but this is my first proper knitted garment. I've been making it over the course of the past week or so and I'm really quite proud of it. It isn't perfect, but for a first attempt from somebody who can't sew at all it's not at all bad I think! Also I love the elephant buttons - we discovered an awesome haberdashery lately which has just aisles and aisles of cool buttons and I fell in love with these!

I've not read too much this week, probably because of the feeling horrible. I'm still in the middle of Anything Goes: A Biography of the Roaring Twenties, which continues to be great and really informative, and I'm reading Danny Wallace's Yes Man, because I wanted something to cheer me up. Also today I'm going to start The Taste of Sorrow by Jude Morgan, which is about the Bronte sisters. Lots of non-fiction, and lots of jumping from book to book, but I'm not feeling too settled at the moment (terrified of the imminent having of baby over 100 miles away from all family members and most friends!), and I think my reading is reflective of that!

In other news, all the silly Goodreads drama this week has made me want to switch to LibraryThing, and I'm currently in the middle of uploading all my books to it. If you've not heard about the drama, I'm not going to reiterate it as it's just generally ridiculous, but it was stressing me, so I've removed myself from the situation, and so far LibraryThing seems much more relaxed so I'm happy! 

Hopefully the wonderful weather will stick this week - it would be nice to be able to have a barbecue on the beach one evening, but that's probably wishful thinking! Hope everybody's Sunday is going great!


  1. What Goodreads drama?

    The sweater is beautiful!

    1. Thanks :-) Just silliness with some author making a list of 'bad bloggers'. It's ridiculous.

  2. Wow what a nice sweater; thanks for sharing this post :)! I just found your blog and I'll definitely be following it from now on! I recently added some summer reading lists to my new blog if you want to take a look:
    Thanks again!

  3. Aw, you're so welcome again :). Also, can't believe your hubby has never read We're Going On A Bear Hunt! Deprived child or what?! Hope he enjoys reading it to baby anyway :)

    Oh yeah, and if you have to rest lots again this week, at least you can do it in the sun! And that cardi is amaaaazing :)

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