Monday 24 November 2014

Things Which Have Happened and Things Which Are Happening...

A lot has been happening around here lately. I've blogged twice as much this month as I did last month and more than I have any other month this year, I think. This is primarily down to two things - the genius that is Nonfiction November and the debatable genius of a man named Dickens. The weekly topics plus reviews of the nonfiction I've been reading have kept the blog pretty busy even without the readalong of The Pickwick Papers I'm hosting (we're only in week two, there's still time to join in!) but then to top off the bookish awesomeness there was my first ever minithon yesterday which was absolutely as fantastic as it sounds!

So on the blog November so far has been busy. In real life it's been equally busy! The boys and I have been doing all sorts of Autumn related things such as going on leaf hunts, making crowns and wreaths out of the leaves we have hunted for, painting dark blue paper with glitter paint in readiness for Christmas card making, doing many crafts and activities with pom poms, and having a lot of fun with playdough, water play and various kinds of homemade goop. It's been good.

Ben as the Leaf King

We're still gearing up for moving house - all the paperwork is in the pipeline so we're just waiting now to see what happens. We've sort of been packing boxes here and there just so we're ready when it all does everntually start moving again, keep your fingers crossed for us!

In other news, if you're into Tolkien (who isn't??) there is a signing for Tolkien by Raymond Edwards in London on December 6th. If you're in or able to be in the Victoria area you should definitely try to get to it! I'm unable to make it myself but am buying a copy of the book and very excited to read it as I've read the blurb and first page and it seems like it's going to be great.

It's a free event, but if you'd like to buy a book you need to call ahead and reserve a copy, as it's not a giant bookshop! The books will be sold at the discounted price of £22.50 instead of the usual £25 so I'd go for it if I were you! Details below:

Saturday December 6th, 1-3pm
CTS Bookshop, Westminster Cathedral Plaza, Victoria (less than five minutes walk from Victoria Station)
020 7834 1363

We've all been a bit snuffly round the edges the past few days and today was just a horrendous day of whining and shouting and Benji walking into/falling off things a really ridiculous amount. I'm hoping that the rest of the week will be better! Look out for the last Nonfiction November post coming in the next few days, and of course more Dickens on Thursday! Loving being back into blogging again!


  1. All hail the Leaf King!
    Late to the party, but joining in on that readalong. Hopefully I'm not too unfashionably late!

  2. I'm in awe of all you are accomplishing at the moment - I would struggle with half as much and I only have one baby! Good luck with moving house :)

  3. Aww, that photo is adorable. I have such lovely memories of my Mum doing crafts with me when I was little, so I'm sure Ben and Sam will too :)