Saturday 8 November 2014

The Pickwick Papers Readalong Schedule Or, The Year of the Grass* is Coming!

It finally occurred to me that if this thing is starting later this month I'd probably better sit down with it and actually work out some kind of schedule! The only thing I would like to say aside from that is please remember this is Dickens and don't give up when he's been describing grass or trees or the smoke for twelve pages. It will get better, I firmly believe this based on all my past experience of Dickens. Also, if it's awful, by the time we're done it will be Christmas and therefore time to watch the Muppets in their most excellent rendition of A Christmas Carol, and we all know how good that is, so stick with it or no Muppets for you!

If you haven't yet signed up and would like to (because my pep talk above was obviously just that great), you can do that here.

Soooo here's the plan! I think we should post weekly on Thursdays, because it's near the end of the week but on Friday and Saturday nights people who don't have tiny kids and no babysitters like to go out and probably don't want to be writing blog posts about the twelve chapters of descriptions of nature they've read that week. See how I'm lovely to you? That means we'll finish by December 18th, in time for previously mentioned Muppet watching...

13th November - I will post an introductiony kind of thing, by which time I will have found out some exciting stuff about the book to make everyone raring to go. And also just to remind you all it's starting!

Week 1 - 20th November - Chapters 1 - end of 11

Week 2 - 27th November - Chapter 12 - end of 23

Week 3 - 4th December - Chapter 24 - end of 34

Week 4 - 11th December - Chapter 35 - end of 47

Week 5 - 18th December - Chapter 48 - end

For now I'm going to ignore the fact that I have hand cramp from flicking through the pages and say that I am actually very excited to start reading! I really like this yearly Dickens thing and I'm excited to finally find out what Pickwick is about! If you want to talk about it on twitter use #dickensindecember (yes, I know it's starting in November. Sshhh).

* reference to a comment made on the sign up post :-)


  1. I hate the Muppets, but I'll stick with it anyway because DICKENS. His characters are quite awesome enough to carry me through, and this one's MEANT to be funny, so... It's almost a tiny bit like 19th-century Wodehouse at the moment, and the disjointed speech of the Pickwickian's Cockney friend is so easy to skim over. EVERYONE SHOULD READ ALONG WITH US IS WHAT I'M SAYING.

    1. OMG apostrophe in the wrong place, how embarrassing. Pickwickians'. Just forget I did that.