Sunday 2 November 2014

Nonfiction November!

cork w books

Last year I was an avid reader of other people's Nonfiction November posts and added a fair few nonfiction titles to my wishlist, but didn't take part as such, so when I heard it was back this year I decided to jump on the bandwagon! Nonfiction November is hosted by Kim of Sophisticated Dorkiness, Leslie of Regular Rumination, Katie of Doing Dewey and Rebecca of I'm Lost in Books and is a chance to celebrate some awesome nonfiction during November. Every week there is a different nonfiction topic you can post about, hosted by a different host. Alternatively (or as well!) you can just read and post about nonfiction. That's what I'm planning to do, as I've already been foiled in my attempt to talk about this week's subject (Your Year in Nonfiction) by not having kept track of what I've read this year at all. 

I will probably take part in some of the future weeks subjects, but for now I've pulled out a few of the books I'm most looking forward to reading from my nonfiction bookcase. I have three shelves full of nonfiction and I don't read anywhere near enough! I already have quite a lot going on this month so I'm not sure how many I'll get around to actually reading, but these are my most anticipated:

Books Baguettes & Bedbugs: The Left Bank World of Shakespeare & Co. - Jeremy Mercer

Bossypants - Tina Fey

Assassination Vacation - Sarah Vowell

Lady Sings the Blues - Billie Holiday 

Tiny Beautiful Things - Cheryl Strayed

I've already started Books Baguettes & Bedbugs and I'm really not sure how I've not read it before! It's lovely and I'm really enjoying it! What should I read next? And what great nonfiction can you recommend to me?  


  1. I read Bossypants by Tina Fey last year and loved it. It's super funny and you'll move through it quickly. :)

    I read "The Accidental Creative" by Todd Henry earlier this year and really loved it. He talks about ways to sustain creativity and not get burnt out, etc.

  2. Glad you are joining!! I have Bossypants on my wish list.

  3. Glad you're joining in! Tiny Beautiful Things is one of my favorite books ever, so it's definitely a wise choice!!

  4. You have a bunch of great titles -- loved Tiny Beautiful Things and anything Sarah Vowell and Bossypants. I'm glad you'll be joining us this month!

  5. Bossypants was fun on audio and I keep hearing GREAT things about Tiny Beautiful Things. Enjoy!!!

  6. Bossypants was fun and a really quick read. And I'm so happy that someone else is finally reading Books, Baguettes and Bedbugs! My blogging time has been worth it just for the satisfaction of seeing a bunch of friends picking it up and enjoying it as much as I did. :)

    1. OKAY YOU PERSUADED ME. I'm doing NonFicNov too, it seems. :)

  7. I've not read any of those on your list, though it seems everyone loves Tiny Beautiful Things! Happy reading :)