Thursday 20 February 2014

Valentine's Ninja Book Swap AWESOMES

So the Valentine's Ninja Book Swap happened. It was the biggest one so far thanks to the awesomeness of Twitter, and obviously that's meant it's thrown up a few new problems we'd not anticipated, but really, in light of the fact that participation levels have tripled since the Halloween Swap, not as many as expected. The very vast majority of people seem to have had a brilliant swap, which I love. It's so nice to see people 'meet' new bloggers and making new friends as well as getting some lovely stuff. 

Speaking of which, I signed up to send and receive two parcels this time, and as the second on arrived today I decided now was the time to show you all my goodies! 
**WARNING** My parcels were particularly great and you will be jealous. I'm kind of sorry, but not that sorry, because... they're great :-p 

Parcel 1, from Sheli of Sheli Reads turned up in the middle of a storm and brightened up my day immeasurably! 

Contents: Life After Life by Kate Atkinson (which I'm already half way through and it's amazing!), The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, an awesome Alice in Wonderland card which I am actually in love with, 2 creme caramel tea bags, which we've tried one of and which are lovely, a bar of gorgeous chocolate, a Wuthering Heights lined notebook which I'm planning to use as a review notebooks, and mini lovehearts, refreshers and fizzers :-D I may have slightly eaten to lovehearts and refreshers and half the chocolate within about ten minutes of the parcel arriving. I regret nothing. 

And parcel 2 from lovely Nahree of Etudesque was waiting for me when I got home from work today. 

Apologies for the not great photography but I was really excited to get this post up and show you all my things :-) The note in this was sealed with gold wax (how cool!) and the books were wrapped prettily and the tea was in lovely coloured tissue paper, but I was in a rush, like I said, so you don't get a photo of the before pretties I'm afraid! Nahree wrote a really lovely note with a little contents list of what was inside, and drew hints on the front of each mystery book, which made it really fun to open! 

Here's what I got, in case you can't see:
- Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher
- The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson
- 'Blue eyes' black tea mix from a local to her tea shop, which I'm drinking as I write this and it is gorgeous. I may be employing her as my new tea supplier :-p 
- Ferrero Rocher chocolate, which is one of the best chocolates ever!
- Some beautiful stationery that I didn't photograph at all well, but it's cream and gold and so so pretty :-) 
- Sweethearts & Skittles, which I'm excited about. Skittles I love, but sweethearts I've never had until now and they're awesome!
- A lemon bar snack, just in case all the sweets weren't enough :-) 

Thank you so much to both of my lovely swappers, you have both made my swap amazing and actually made me feel better about the state of the world in general knowing that there are such lovely people out there!

If you took part in the swap and have blogged about it don't forget you can link up your post here and if you'd like to take part in the next swap in June and want a reminder email closer to the time, send us an email at ninjabookswap(at)outlook(dot)com! 

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