Wednesday 12 February 2014

The Classics Club Spin: Result!

I posted my list for the Classics Club spin a while back, and on Monday they gave us the number which was 20, which means that I got The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, which was one of my free choice books. 

I now have to read it by 2nd April, which should be fine as I've already started. It will definitely be interesting to read, as the last time I read it I was about 15 and in the midst of my 'I hate Sylvia Plath' phase. It took me years to be able to appreciate her poetry as more than just whinging, but I actually liked The Bell Jar despite all of this the first time round, so it will be interesting to see what I think this time! 


  1. The Bell Jar is one of those books that intimidates me no end. I have never quite managed to pluck up the courage to give it a read. I think perhaps I should start with some poetry and then see where it takes me. Enjoy reading it and I hope it surprises you in good ways this time around.

  2. The last time I read it was probably when I was 15 too! I mostly remember it being really depressing and thinking that guys were jerks, but that might not have too much to do with the book, ha. Hope you enjoy it with fresh eyes!

  3. The Bell Jar struck a major chord with me in college when I was going through a lot of the same emotional struggles. But when I tried to read it a couple of years ago, I got annoyed at Esther something fierce. The same thing happened when I tried reading Catcher in the Rye as a post-college adult. I hope you have better luck!!