Saturday 13 August 2016

Bath Bookshop Crawl: Topping and Company

Ahead of the Bath Bookshop Crawl (happening Saturday August 20th, if you're interested in coming you'd be most welcome just email me for details!) I'm doing a few posts about the bookshops we're going to be visiting, just to get everyone nice and hyped up! If you haven't seen it already check out my post about Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights, and since these aren't in any kind of order, today it's the turn of Topping and Company!

This will be the last stop on our crawl and is part of a chain of three bookshops in Bath, Ely and St Andrews. Besides the books I'm excited to go there because they offer all their customers free tea. Books and tea, clearly they know exactly what I want from life! According to their website they have over 45,000 titles, which is obviously a lot of books, and their events schedule is pretty fantastic to be honest! The more I blog about these places the more I want to move to Bath!

The Bath shop was founded in 2007 and has absolutely glowing reviews on their Facebook page. Honestly I'm not surprised, since even browsing the gallery section of their website is enough to send me into a bookish daze!

Before I started organising these bookshop crawls I honestly thought that bookshops that sell books to people who actually love books were really rare but I'm discovering that's not necessarily the case and that makes me so happy. I'm looking forward to discovering some excellent books here!

Have you been? Are you as excited as me to go?

Check out Topping and Company on their website, Facebook and Twitter!

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