Friday 19 August 2016

Bath Bookshop Crawl: Good Buy Books, Skoobs & American Dream Comics

You may have seen that I'm doing some posts ahead of the Bath Bookshop Crawl on August 20th (if you want to join some fellow booklovers & book shop with people who won't judge please do! Tweet or email me for info!) on the bookshops we'll be visiting, just to whet everyone's appetites. I've done Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights and Topping & Company already, and I'm giving Waterstone's a miss purely because I assume everyone knows what Waterstone's is (not because the Bath branch isn't fantastic. I have been and it is very much fantastic!). Two of the last three shops I've actually visited before and know them to be fairly small so I thought I'd put them all together and just give a little round up of what we can expect when we get there!

Good Buy Books
The first stop in our day will be Good Buy Books, a small discount bookshop which I visited on my recent pre-bookshop crawl reconnaissance trip to Bath. They have a really good selection of local interest books, kids books, Jane Austen related things, and Classics, as well as lots of other non-fiction, biography etc. I think it will be nice to start the day off with some bookshops with lower prices - it means I won't have spent all my money by lunchtime hopefully!

If the group ends up being bigger than it currently is we may have to split in half and the other half go to Skoobs (no relation to the London one!) in the Guildhall Market, which I also visited. It's a second hand book stall which has been trading in the market for over 30 years, and which has an immense selection of titles and genres, so I think there'll be something for everyone!

Image result for american dream comics bath logo

Finally a late addition to the itinerary, American Dream Comics. You probably know by now that I'm a sucker for any shop that sells graphic novels and a quick peruse of American Dream's website shows that they also sell American snacks, pop vinyl figures and geeky t-shirts. Definite win!

So that's the places we'll be visiting. If you're joining us, I can't wait to see you (again, for some people!). If you're not make sure you check back for my post about the day sometime next week!

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