Saturday 26 December 2015

One Little Word 2016

Last year I posted that I was taking part in One Little Word and about my reasons for choosing my word, gratitude. Honestly it was one of the best things I've ever spent money on, allowing me a way back into paper and pen creativity and giving me something to focus on and work towards. I feel like I learned a huge amount from having gratitude as my word this year and there's a lot I'm going to carry on into 2016 with me. Keeping a gratitude journal, although I don't do it every day, really helps particularly on days when I'm feeling inexplicably down or having a crappy day, and I also make mandalas when feeling rubbish. Although others in my life may not see the difference as much as I'd like, I do honestly feel like my word has changed me this year so I'm excited to continue the journey in 2016!

Inhale the future, exhale the past.

That said, I had a bit of a problem choosing my word for this year. For a while I was torn between a few, but eventually I settled on Breathe. A lot of the things I've been thinking about this year involve breathing more and calming down, and it incorporates the other three words that I was mulling over; focus, simplify and mindful. I've decided to focus on a few things this year to encompass everything.

I'd like to give myself room to breathe by simplifying the way that we live and minimizing our possessions.

Incorporating daily meditation so as to give myself a regular time to just focus on breathing and have a little space just for myself.

Regular exercise.

Reminding myself to take a deep breath before responding to anything and thus keeping calm (or at least calmer).

Personally, focusing on a few projects rather than loads. For 2016 these will be: the Little House Read-Along, the Panels Read Harder Challenge, my #yearofmaking and sewing one thing each week on my sewing machine.

Mental breathing space by unplugging. I'd like to have one night a week completely without screens at all, and I'm also planning a one month long Digital Break Up at some point. I know that I am a better person,partner and parent when I'm not constantly checking my phone. I've already disabled notifications for my email and have been unsubscribing from everything I don't really want to be receiving and it's made a noticeable difference.

Sometimes we just need to Breathetake it one second at a time..,-inspirational-quotes-9:

I'm reading Rachel Macy Stafford's Hands Free Mama to kick the year off, and it's handily organised into twelve sections so my plan is to read it and then re-read it a chapter a month and implement some of the weekly intentions. It's really great so far - it doesn't focus entirely on being hands free in a digital sense (although that is in there) but rather actually having your hands free to engage with your kids and it's a reminder that I needed I think, as a person who's often distracted even when I think I'm not. 

I'm excited to start focusing on Breathe this year. I've started a Pinterest board for this year, as I did for  last and I've been collecting inspiration. I can't wait for January 1st and the first prompt! If you'd like to join in with the One Little Word fun, you can do so here.


  1. I'm thinking about doing this next year, my word being "peace" (or something similar.) Good to see your recommendation!

  2. I was so happy to read your post! I'm also doing one word in 2016. Gentleness is my word. And similar to you I'm wanting to pause and reflect or breathe before I act speak or make decisions!

  3. You sure picked the perfect theme for this year! I too shall strive to Breathe: breathe deeper as I enrich my life with experiences and relationships rather than things, breathe slower as I exercise my patience, breathe healthier as I get back on that treadmill!