Saturday 11 April 2015

Fairytale Fridays

A little while ago I posted about my new monthly fairytale meme and now I'm back to announce that the first Fairytale Fridays will take place on Friday 24th April! I'd love it it you'd join in on (or around) this date and come back here on 24th and link up your posts and share the fairytale love. You can write about anything fairytale related - original tales, movies, retellings, experiences, anything. As long as it's fairytale, it's ok. 

In case you'd like some prompting, I've got a list of topics you can write about. If you're like me and have a little bit of an obsession I'm sure you won't need any encouragement to jump right in and write about whatever you're currently reading, watching or talking about, but just in case you're on the fence and would love to take part but are stuck for ideas, here's some inspiration. I've not assigned dates to them so just feel free to use the list as reference and use whichever prompt whenever you feel inspired! 

I'll be back every month on the last Friday of the month and you'll be able to link up your posts then. Please also feel free to borrow the image I've made for it or make your own and spread the word! The more the merrier! 

  • What is your favourite fairytale? 
  • What is your earliest fairytale related memory? How did it impact your life?
  • What is your favourite retelling of a fairytale and why?
  • Favourite character from a fairytale/myth?
  • Most influential moment from a fairytale?
  • Quirky fairytale related facts
  • Recommended fairytale reading
  • What do fairytales mean to you?
  • A folktale from your country or culture
  • What are your feelings about how men are portrayed in fairytales? Who are your favourites/least favourites? 
  • What are your feelings about how women are portrayed in fairytales? Who are your favourites/least favourites?
  • Witches - evil or misunderstood?
  • Do you think fairytales have any relevance to forming a moral and ethical code to live by or are they just nice stories?
  • Why do you think people love fairytales?
  • Poor good vs rich bad - Social class stereotypes in fairytales. Discuss. 
  • Feminist fairytales. The Best, the worst, or your feelings about them. 
  • Are happily ever afters really happy?
  • Your visit to a place associated with myth/legend/fairytale
  • Best fairytales for kids
  • Best fairytale adaptations
  • Most popular fairytales. Why do you think they are the popular ones?
  • Disney - love or hate?
If you have ideas of your own that we can add to this list, please leave them in the comments! I'm also planning some kind of a 'watch the movie, read the story' kind of event, details to follow. This list will be permanently accessible via a link in my left sidebar. If you'd like me to remind you when the next Fairytale Friday is coming up, please leave your twitter handle or email address below (or email it to me via the link in my left sidebar) and I'll be happy to do that!


  1. Thanks to your kick in the butt, I'm blogging about fairy tales again! I used to have a post every Friday but have completely lost my mojo.

    1. I'm so excited to hear that! I used to take part in Friday is for Fairytales but it doesn't seem to be a thing anymore so I thought I'd fill the gap! Feel free to link up with me at the end of the month!

  2. I'm going to try to join in on this. I think I can come up with something fairy tale related once a month. Putting it on my calendar.