Sunday 14 December 2014


Briefly  I've borrowed this format from Kim over at Sophisticated Dorkiness because I wanted a weekly update that was a little less book-centric than the Books on my Bedside Table I am going to write later in the week! We've been counting down Advent with an 'advent box' (a shoebox wrapped in Christmas paper with a little clear pouch in the front where we put a number each day) filled with an advent task, a bit of the nativity story and a Christmas book or film. Benji is absolutely loving it, and has perfected his 'ho ho ho'. Scarily deep voice coming out of my two year old at the moment!
Time and Place | 7:48pm in my armchair (the one which is by the sea) freezing my bum off as our heating broke late last night and can't be fixed until tomorrow so we have one tiny little standing heater trying desperately to heat our whole front room....
Eating and Drinking | Just finished eating roast dinner (beef and yorkshire pudding. yum) and chocolate orange ice cream. Once the boys are both asleep I shall probably be drinking some tea and eating honeycomb chocolate with Rhys, as well as drinking a lot of water. Last night was the work Christmas party and I've basically stopped breastfeeding so I can drink again. Plus they pay for the wine. Enough said, I think!
Reading | I'm still reading Enough: Breaking Free From the World of More by John Naish and loving it! We have so much stuff and I'm so often overwhelmed by the constant urge to buy more, especially around this time of year. This book is really refreshing and really appeals to my self-sufficiency loving side. I also started Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick the other day and I'm really liking it so far. It's quirky and although at first I thought the footnotes would really annoy me, I actually quite like them now!
Watching | If iPlayer will work, catching up on the Strictly semifinals. If not, probably more of season 4 of The Big Bang Theory. Since we quit live TV over a year ago I'm really really behind on Big Bang but we've been picking up the box sets as we see them cheap in exchange shops and we're up to 4 at the moment. What season is everyone else on,now? I think we're about halfway through? :-p 
Listening | Ooh lots and lots of Christmas music, especially my CD of Ella Fitzgerald (one of my all time favourites) singing Christmassy things and a CD my siblings and their (awesome) choir made a few years ago. 
Making | Name blocks for my sisters boyfriend's nephew for Christmas. Six to be finished by tomorrow and I've currently nearly finished the first one... Hmm. 
Cooking | Just finished cooking beef roast dinner and I'm also making chicken stock to freeze for future soups. 
Blogging | This week I blogged about how I'm giving up on The Pickwick Papers (as is everybody else in the readalong I think!) and also about diversifying my reading!
Hating | That our heating is broken and also our car seems to have developed a hole in its exhaust which makes us sound like those idiots who do all kinds of crazy stuff to their cars and then drive around our neighbourhood way too fast shouting stuff you can't hear out of their windows while listening to loud drum and bass. Eurgh. 
Loving | We watched The Polar Express for the first time today. It was in the box, and it is incredible! I really really have to get over my irrational Tom Hanks hatred. Number of Tom Hanks films I like (off the top of my head) is six, the number I don't like is one (Castaway and I'm not all that keen on Forrest Gump). Seriously, even the statistics don't back me up here!
Avoiding | Finishing the christmas letter we put in with our cards. We decided to make a border of photos of all the stuff that's happened this year and cute pictures of the boys but neither of us can really be bothered to actually do it, we kind of just want it to magically... be done? 
Anticipating | Decorating the house for Christmas and also Christmas itself! I always kind of hate the journey back to London as we have to go on Christmas Eve and the weather is usually bad (80mph winds last year) and I'm a pretty nervous driver, but as soon as we get there I will freak out with Christmas excitement! It's even more exciting this year as Ben and Rhys are also both excited!
What have you all been up to?


  1. What a fun blog meme!

    Hahaha, is there a video of Benji heartily proclaiming a jolly "hohoho"? If so, I'd love to hear it!! Extra credit to you if you make him a beard made of cotton balls!

    I think everyone's dropped out of the readalong (we all blame Dickens of course)... I just haven't penned my breakup letter yet. If I stop talking about Dickens, I'm sure he'll get the message that we aren't an item anymore, right?

  2. Huh, blogger ate my comment. :( Your advent box is a really beautiful idea, a lovely and fun way to get Benji ready for Christmas!

    I felt a bit guilty for not joining in with Dickens in December. I love Dickens but haven't read any for a few years (except A Christmas Carol, of course, which is due a reread very soon.) My concentration hasn't really been up to it lately. My dad doesn't like Dickens EXCEPT for Pickwick, but because I am contrary, the more he tells me to read that book, the less I feel inclined to do so. I prefer my Dickens doomy and gloomy and smoggy and all about social justice with a healthy dose of verbose snark. The Pickwick Papers doesn't really appeal.

  3. I don't have to travel far for Christmas, about three hours mostly on the highway, but I still get anxious. You never know when weather is going to derail your plans, especially where I live. I hope your Christmas travel goes smoothly!