Monday 9 September 2013

It's Here! The Trick or Treat Ninja Book Swap!

I've been hinting about this for a while on Twitter, but after days of discussion Hanna and I are delighted to announce The Ninja Book Swap: Mark Two. It's going to be amazing, and this time we have come up with a few little twists. 

For those who didn't participate last time (and why not?!) the basic idea behind it is that everybody who wants to participate is matched up with somebody else and sends them a parcel containing a couple of books from their wishlists, plus a card and a little present of some description. During the summer it seemed to go off very well with bloggers around the world opening parcels with glee (yes, glee), so we're hoping it will be similarly great this time. 

If you're happy with how it went last time and just want to sign up to do a straight Ninja Book Swap (books from wishlist, present based on likes and dislikes of the person you're sending to) then we are really happy for you to do that, however.... we have also come up with a 'Trick or Treat' option this time, in honour of Halloween. If you'd like to participate in the Trick or Treat swap, the idea is thus: 

  • As well as all the usual info we ask for, you tell us what your three favourite books of all time are, plus a genre that you would like to read more of.
  • We will then match you (hopefully) with somebody who has a favourite book in the genre you want to read more of, and they will send you that book as your 'trick'. 
  • As your 'treat' they can either send a book from your wishlist as well as a little present (which can be a silly halloween themed gift, or something more serious, up to you), or just the present depending on finances! 
There is also the option to sign up to send and receive two parcels (double the fun, double the shopping, double the glee!)

Sound good? Want to join in? Of course you do! Here's what you do:
  • Send us an email at ninjabookswap(at)outlook(dot)com with either 'Ninja Book Swap' or 'Trick or Treat Book Swap' as the subject, depending whether you want to do a straight swap or the trick or treat version. You are very welcome to sign up for one of each, or two of one, but please send us two separate emails as it's easier to keep everything straight that way! You need to send us you sign up email by 30th September. 
  • In the email/s we need the following information: your name, address, blog link, wishlist link, list of likes and dislikes (e.g. I like chocolate, bookmarks, and Harry Potter, I dislike pink things, sparkly things, dogs), whether you're willing to send internationally (yes/no/if I have to), and whether you mind your person buying something that isn't on your wishlist. FOR THE TRICK OR TREAT SWAP please also send us your three favourite books and a genre or two that you would like to read more of. 
  • We will then match you up with your swappee and send you the information. You then need to do your shopping, make a lovely parcel and send it out no later than October 14th
  • Once you have sent your parcel please send us an email letting us know, and another email when you have received your parcel. This is so that we can make sure that nobody is left out. 
We would really appreciate it if you would like to blog/tweet/facebook/whatever other social media type things you do about the swap as the more people who take part, the more fun it is, and last time lots of people posted once they'd received their parcels which was great, but is by no means obligatory! Happy swapping!


  1. Is this UK or worldwide?


    1. It's open to anyone from anywhere :-) You can choose whether you'd like to send your parcel within your own country or internationally and you don't even have to have blog (obviously you do, but all you have to have is a wishlist!).

  2. I sent you an email - thanks!!!