Sunday 15 January 2012

The Sunday Salon - Giveaway Winners & Progress Report

Hello all! I hope everybody is enjoying their Sunday - it's actually disgustingly sunny where I am, considering it's January and all.. I'm wondering if we're actually going to get proper winter at all this year... Anyway! To business! I drew the result of my Blogoversary Giveaway this morning, and here's what happened:

The winner of the International Giveaway iiiiisssss


which is kind of fitting, as she was my Secret Santa for Persephone Secret Santa this year, so I'm glad she won!

The winner of the UK Giveaway is:

who I will be sending a copy of Reading Lolita in Tehran!

Congratulations Iris and Ellie, and thanks to everybody who entered and wished me happy things :-)

Now that's done, I thought I'd continue my whole scheduled reading plan by doing a quick update of what I've read so far in January...

Of the books I planned to read, I have finished four of the eight. These are:

  • Fun Home by Alison Bechdel (for the Graphic Novel Challenge)
  • The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson (for Mount TBR Challenge)
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare (for A Play a Month Challenge)
  • The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen (for the 50 States Challenge)#

I have half finished a review of Fun Home which I hope to put up either later today or tomorrow, but I really need to get my act together with writing reviews - I'm accumulating quite a pile! I have also read nearly half of Norwegian Wood for the readalong and would have finished it if I wasn't trying desperately to pace myself to fit in with the schedule. Basically, I'm impressed with myself. This week I want to read the first part of Les Miserables for the year long readalong I'm taking part in, and finished The Folklore of Discworld by Terry Pratchett & Jacqueline Simpson for the Telling Tales Challenge, and also just for awesome.

I know my reading is incredibly challenge centred at the moment,and to be honest I thought that would bother me a lot more than it actually does. I appear to have chosen well this year :-) Who knows, maybe I'm learning?

Happy Sunday everybody, hope you have a great, relaxing day!


  1. Yay, thank you Bex! I've sent you an email with my address...

    And you're doing great so far this year - much better than me. I don't know what happened, I was raring to go in December and as soon as the big 1 JANUARY hit my motivation disappeared! Grrrr, hate it when that happens. :)

  2. I'm reading Les Miserables too this year! I love the first part. Also, I'm planning on reading A Midsummer Night's Dream later this month.

    Enjoy your reading, and yay for the schedule! :)